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why disapproved most of my products on September 16, 2015

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I went from 78 approved with 13 products Disapproved to only 13 Approved and 78 Disapproved in one day, September 16, 2015. What happened?

We went through our entire product Feed and found a few errors and Uploaded new corrected Feed on 9/23 but no improvement on approved vs disapproved products.

I requested a Manual Review of one product on 9/25 and Now it is Approved, but how do I know why it wasn't?


What do I do about the other 78 disapproved products?

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Re: why disapproved most of my products on September 16, 2015

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google is constantly checking and re-checking
items, accounts, submitted data, and websites --
a disapproval or suspension can happen at any time.


issues can relate to the data being submitted, product images,
type of item, account settings, feed settings, target-country,
website details, supply-chain, or some combination of these --
a single disapproval can be for multiple issues.

google has rather stringent rules, policies, and requirements for the
target-country, type of item, images, feed, supply-chain, and website.

generally, a hand-inspection of all account settings, all submitted
(feed) data, and the website, against all current rules, policies,
and recommendations, might be done while working directly
with a support specialist.

first, check the main dashboard within the
merchant-center for overall account status.

also, check the current-issues section under the diagnostics-tab for
specific account, data-feed, and items (website) issues -- by clicking
on each of the blue-boxed or flagged errors, warnings, or notifications.

also, check the specific feed status by clicking
on the data-feed's name under the feeds-tab.


be certain that id values have not changed for any item

and that there is only one, single, (data) feed registered --

any syntax or related issues can cause the feed data to

be processed improperly and the items disapproved.


the same registered feed should normally be used for all fixes,

changes, additions, deletes, and re-uploads -- the one, single,

registered feed can handle about 100,000 inventory items.

if the api is being used to submit product-data
then, also check under the api-diagnostics tab.

also, check the individual item's status by clicking
on the item's title under the products-tab and
clicking on any link under the technical-details area.

also, check the emails listed under the settings-tab --
where google would send an email detailing the issues;
be certain google is not blocked via spam or similar
filters and the always-send-results option is selected.

otherwise, forum members cannot look into any submitted data or accounts --
we would typically need specific information such as exact status information,
any exact messages, screen-captures, registered url, exact data submitted,
data-feed and account histories, etc, posted here within the public forum
[minus any personal or private information] to help diagnose any potential
issues or offer more specific suggestions.

otherwise, simply contact or re-contact google directly and ask
for a merchant-center, product-listing-ad, support specialist.

see also

Re: why disapproved most of my products on September 16, 2015

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When re submitting a new data feed, first check that all errors are fixed in the data feed status and the diagnostics.

Than change the id's of the disapproved products, this will force google to re evaluate the product in a different way.

If they are still disapproved contact a Google Adwords Team Member to ask what the violation is.
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Re: why disapproved most of my products on September 16, 2015

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Thank you both, your suggestions are very helpful. I have discovered the "current Issues" which explains about 7 of My errors which I can fix on the next Up-load. I have requested Manual Reviews and have 47 of the items Approved again.