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why are my products are being disapproved

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There is no where to find why these products were disapproved. Also, there is no where to fix them there, or to resubmit my google data feed. I have been OK with 3 or 4 products but today I have 34 products disapproved for this:


Data quality signals
Last analysis run on Oct 12, 2014 00:40 UTC-7 | Information for United States
Signal type Percentage Count Product pages cannot be accessed from a mobile device 13% 9 Product pages cannot be accessed 35% 25 Long titles 7% 5

When I go to the product under "inactive" it does not say what to do to fix it. Also, I used to be able to resubmit my google product feed but now that I have it automatically "fetched" every day there is no place to do that.


Actually, Google Merchant Center is pretty worthless as it only tells you something is wrong but there is NOTHING YOU CAN DO THERE!


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Re: why are my products are being disapproved

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the merchant-center simply checks the (feed) data you supply and
then reports issues that can cause a disapproval or suspension.

the issues must be fixed at the source.

typically, this means updating your website, your website's content,
your e-commerce/shopping-cart system, your inventory database,

or your data-feed (file) that is fetched by google.

the steps required to fix reported issues are different for each merchant.

the best likely course is to contact whoever is maintaining
your website (web-server), your e-commerce (shopping-cart),
your product inventory (database), or your feed file --
some or all of these may be involved depending on the issue.

for the long-title issues, each product title must be less than 150 characters;
a product title must name the physical item and be less than 150 characters;

the title of the flagged items must be shorted to under 150 characters.

for the access issues, google must be able to crawl
your website at all times (24/7) and your website
cannot block any of google's (user-agent) crawls,
including any crawls related to mobile devices.


both long-titles and product-pages that cannot be accessed (crawled) are

policy violations and grounds for disapproval or suspension -- at any time.

details are currently here: