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where to put product identifier and the catagory values???

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   I am very new to this so I know what a product identifier is...I just have no idea whatsoever where to put it in...Do I go somewhere on my shopping cart to manage it from Godaddy and put it in my product info somewhere?? or is there a place on my merchant center account where I have to manually type in all the identifiers for all 1600  items??


also where in the heck do i type in the google category values????  The help section just confuses me more. This is a jewelry website btw so if anyone has specific help in this category that would be great Smiley Happy

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Re: where to put product identifier and the catagory values???

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Hi Michael


For a shop with 1600 items it is recommended to develop a feed to load those items regularly into the Merchant Center (daily). Google will give your products a higher priority if it detects that you keep the data very fresh (especially prices).


Depending on what e-commerce system you use this could be as easy as installing and configuring a plugin. If you're not so lucky you will have to develop your own feed mechanism to deliver the data (product url, identifier, category, etc.) into the Merchant Center:






Re: where to put product identifier and the catagory values???

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if a third-party is managing the data (feed) then,
the best likely course would be to contact that
third-party directly -- in this case, by contacting
godaddy-support directly.

each third-party (e-commerce system) has a different method

for adding  data that is then submitted to the merchant-center.

some third-parties may have methods to assign values to multiple items
all at once, while others require typing data for each item individually.

there is no place in the merchant-center-account to manually type data --
the merchant-center can only be used to submit data -- never enter data;

some e-commerce (third-party) systems will submit the data automatically.

as to what data (attributes and values) are required:

(a) product-identifiers -- brand, mpn, gtin

for unique product identifiers (global-trade-data) the manufacturer must
assign such values (brand, mpn, gtin) to the exact product being sold --
merchants cannot self-assign any product-identifiers.


google classifies most all jewelry, except for watches, under:

Apparel & Accessories > Jewelry

(i.e. other apparel)

for most apparel accessories only a valid brand is required --

there is no need to submit mpn or gtin for most jewelry items.

specifically for watches, any two valid
values (brand, gtin, mpn) are required.

if the required, valid, values have not been assigned
by the manufacturer, to the exact item being sold
then, identifier_exists FALSE must be submitted
and brand, mpn, and gtin should not be submitted,
for that specific item.

(b) google_product_category

google_product_category values may be downloaded here:

generally, jewelry is classified as an apparel accessory and can use the value:
Apparel & Accessories > Jewelry

watches must use at least:
Apparel & Accessories > Jewelry > Watches

more specific values may be used , but the value must be defined by google;
Apparel & Accessories > Jewelry > Earrings

a proper google_product_category value is
required for all apparel (accessory) items --
that is, for all jewelry items.

see also