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when to set up 2 Shopping campaign for the same products

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I have read about the Campaign priority in Shopping campaigns but i don't understand  why create a new campaign when you can just increase/decrease the bid for a particulate products?

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Re: when to set up 2 Shopping campaign for the same products

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the original, primary, use-case for campaign priorities was to help
with a smooth transition from regular-product-listing-ads to the
new shopping-campaigns for product-listing-ads -- by allowing the
new campaign to be created and configured while not interfering
or competing with the legacy campaign -- i.e. a staging area.

the staging-area concept remains the primary use-case for priorities.

generally, the same product should never be within multiple campaigns
or multiple product-groups, to avoid self-competition and other issues --
however, a separate campaign with a lower priority allows for the staging
and swapping of a new campaign-strategy, for a specific set of products,
without triggering self-competition and related issues.

priority-based campaigns typically (must) also include a filter.

for example, for an upcoming sales event for a subset of products.

details are currently here: