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what to do with missing gtin for replacement parts / oem parts?

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"Examples of products that may not have an assigned GTIN include:

Store brand products
Replacement parts
Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts or replacements for OEM parts
I think most of the computer parts I listed would fall under the description above, without GTIN. I have put the brand and mpn in the feed. However it is saying that they are missing GTIN. For example, for some hard drives, the GTIN exist for box of 20pcs, but if we sell the drive individually, then it does not have manufacturer provided gtin. I don't really want to have to request exemption for every item from google either.

Is there anyway around this? use identifier_exists=FALSE? If doing that, would it still show up in Google Shopping?

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Re: what to do with missing gtin for replacement parts / oem parts?

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simply submit identifier_exists with a value of no

and then, do not submit any brand, mpn, or gtin

attribute data, whatsoever, for such items.


items without valid global-trade-data must be submitted with
identifier_exists set to no and then, do not submit any brand,
do not submit any gtin, and do not submit any mpn, for that item.


supportive, relevant, information, such as any compatible-with brand
details, may then be added near the end of the description attribute.


yes, such items may still show as (google-shopping) shopping-ads --
assuming enough quality and bid to win a slot in the ad-auctions.


identifier_exists set to no effectively indicates an exemption request.


as an aside, be certain to also submit such items with a condition
value of used to avoid a disapproval or suspension, at any time.