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the product_partition_id & other value track params

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Hi, so where can i find the product_partition_id in my google adwords account?  I.e., when i check my logs and i see the product_partition_id = 123456, and the documentation says that this relates to a product group, where do i find the cross reference in google adwords?  e.g. product group a relates to 123456? 


Also, can i use for example the value track parameter that specifies whether the click came from a mobile or pc forget what the value track param is, but can i use other value track params for shopping campaigns that the documentation says are only for google search ads, or google display ads?



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Re: the product_partition_id & other value track params

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(1) there are a few ways to access the product_partition_id.

for example, select product-groups, select download report,
and check the id check-box before downloading the report --
criterion-id is the product_partition_id (product-group-id) for

the shopping-campaign's ad-group.

for example, use a script.

(2) any of the value-track parameters may be added to a url --
if the parameter is outside the ad's scope, does not apply,
or the data is not collected within a particular context then,
the returned value will simply be blank (empty).

Re: the product_partition_id & other value track params

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Ok, thanks...that wasn't obvious now was it! Thanks celebird, you are answering all of my questions...