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synchronize merchant account and adwords data

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I have made changes to my merchant account feed and reloaded the feed by deleting the old products and old feed and waited several hours before loading the new feed.  The new feed is loaded and all products are searchable.  There are new categories and new product ids.  However, in AdWords, my shopping campaign still shows the old products/categories when creating product groups and sub-groups.  It has been more than a few days and the old data is still in AdWords.  Is there a way to force AdWords to refresh its Merchant account data?

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Re: synchronize merchant account and adwords data

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(1) the registered feed should never be deleted --

unless indicated to do so by someone at google.


the single registered feed can handle from 1 to about 100,000 items --

there should not be the need for another feed unless inventory is large.


use the same registered feed for all updates -- additions, changes, or

deletes; updates are tracked by id -- so any missing item (id) from the

feed is considered a delete.


of course, you may keep as many copies of the feed

(file) on your local desktop, for backup, as you wish.


(2) the id assigned to a physical item should never, ever,

change once the feed is submitted -- any deleted item

id value should never be reused for any other item and

should be reused only if that exact item is re-added.


id must be unique per item and must never change.


as a best-practice -- never use simple integers (e.g. 8, 9, 10, 20, 30)

for id -- rather, use sku or similar unique values that can be tied to items.


(3) any change to an existing feed -- including deletes --

may sometimes take 24-72 hours or so to propagate

through the system and reflected within adwords.


if all id values were changed -- then rather than a simple update --

all items are now being deleted first, and then added as new items;

which typically include an inspection and other first-time processes.


(4) the best likely course is to keep the current registered feed,

but use (put back) the original feed data -- minus deleted items --

and re-submit the data; then, wait 72-hours or so.


google is likely very confused at the moment --

so the issue may take awhile (many days) to settle;

after adding back and resubmitting the original data

if the issue has not resolved itself in 96-hours or so --

the best likely course would be to contact a person

at google directly so they can look iinto both accounts.


Re: synchronize merchant account and adwords data

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So the answer is, it takes up to 72 hours for Merchant Centre changes to come through into AdWords?

Re: synchronize merchant account and adwords data

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This is an old thread and is no longer accurate. With the new Google Ads UI, it takes a couple of hours.

This thread is now locked, to ask any new questions, please go here :

Hope this helps.
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