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similar audiences for shopping

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Is it possible to target similar audiences on shopping ads? I tried it but got 0 impressions.

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Re: similar audiences for shopping

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yes, the similar-audiences targeting-feature
roll-out began for shopping-ads this month.

however, the feature depends mainly on google examining the remarketing-list
and being able to identify users' collective behavioral tendencies over time --
to compare against google's examination of all external search-behavior.

if there are no impressions, the best likely course would be to
concentrate on growing the remarketing-lists, so there is a large
enough sample-size, to identify statistically significant trends --
such as when users, on the remarketing-list, may visit a site

and the types of sites those users may have visited.

the remarketing-list needs at least 500-cookies to begin to be significant.

otherwise, forum-members cannot look into any account details -- the
best likely course would be to contact a support-specialist at google,
to inspect the campaign and list details, and to verify that the feature
roll-out has reached the country being targeted.


similar audiences for shopping

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I saw that customer match audiences will now work on Shopping campaigns. Where did you see that similar audiences will be eligible for Shopping? Pls send the link.

similar audiences for shopping

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there is no such link for the roll-out details related to each specific
target-country for the similar-audience-feature for shopping-ads --
for those details, a support-specialist at google would likely need
to be contacted directly.

the general announcement for similar-audiences being eligible for shopping --
similar-audiences for search *and* shopping -- was announced along with
the same official announcement of customer-match-for-shopping: