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shopping feed disapproved due to incorrect availability

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The stock status in the feed is exactly same to the stock status in the website product page. Yet after uploading the feed. the dashboard says "Temporary item disapprovals due to incorrect availability " ...


2,230 products(15%) were disapproved.

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Re: shopping feed disapproved due to incorrect availability

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compare the current-status, under the diagnostics-tab,
to the technical-details section of the individual item --
by clicking on the item's title, under the products-tab.

google may take 72-hours or so to update the results --
after the data (feed) has been re-upload and a re-crawl
has been completed; especially if there are time-lags.

be certain that your physical in-stock availability matches both the
submitted data and website landing-page information, at all times --
for example, affiliate supply-chains are not allowed.

also, be certain that there is only one, single, product (item)
with a price and stock information on the link landing-page --
more than one, single, item with a price or availability on a
landing-page can confuse results and is generally not allowed.

also, check the automatic-item-updates settings within the account --
if rich-snippets (schema-org microdata) are not on the website then,
this optional feature should be disabled.

if automatic-item-updates within the account are enabled then --
microdata must be implemented properly, google must be able to
crawl and read the microdata, and the microdata on the website,
the displayed data, the submitted data, and the physical in-stock
availability, must all match.


also, be certain simple numeric integer values (e.g. 1234) are not

being used for id, especially if a spreadsheet is used to create the

feed; a best practice is to use a mix of numbers and letters for id

(e.g. abc123uk), since some spreadsheets automatically reassign

such values, as items are added or removed -- and later, confuse

the automated policy-checks and their assignment of errors to the

proper items -- an id value should never, ever, change for an item.


also, a single disapproval can be for multiple issues --

check the diagnostics-tab for any additional details.

that said, forum-members cannot look into the data (feed) or account --

we usually require more specific information to offer specific suggestions;
otherwise, the best likely course would be to contact a support specialist.