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shopping ad price violation

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Can anyone advise me on the policy google have for product prices used against shoping ads and landing pages?

Should they include VAT against the shopping add price and product landing page?


I am a UK Merchant and Google suspended my own website some months ago for not displaying my product prices including vat, but I can see other merchants using shopping feed displaying the same new products as me without any vat included in the display price used for the add or landing page.

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Re: shopping ad price violation

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Simple answer.

Your prices in the shopping feed should be the same price as displayed on your site. If they are not the same and Google find this, you will be suspended.

This happens all the time. The best thing to do, is correct your prices, and report other merchants you see doing this. It's not allowed under Googles policies.


Use this form to send the report to Googles policy team:


Hope this helps!

Re: shopping ad price violation

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Hi Abbie.

Thanks for your response.
The problem I have is that Google take no notice of the violation forms when i submit them.
This has been happening for the last 6 months and when i spoke to google last week about the forms not being dealt with they said that the shopping violation team have a backlog of work and are under staffed.

Do you know of any other way to get Google to take notice?



Re: shopping ad price violation

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Sorry Lewis, that's really the only thing you can do. This happened all the time at the company I worked for earlier this year. We were constantly sending reports with no response.

The only other suggestion I can make is if you know any other merchants, get them to report it as well. The more separate reports sent to them from DIFFERENT sources the more likely they will have to take action sooner. If you are the only person reporting their behavior you probably won't get a response very quickly unless you are very lucky.

Sorry to be the barer of rubbish news. You could always contact them directly and advise them to change these prices before Google catches up with them... because even if it takes a while, they will.

Those are the only things i can think of to speed things up.

Re: shopping ad price violation

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also, if the sellers are part of a marketplace (e.g. ebay), try
reporting the sellers directly to the marketplace -- since the
marketplace is ultimately responsible for handling the issue
and in theory should not be allowing items that violate the
policies to be submitted in the first place.

unfortunately, reporting sellers that are part of a marketplace with
possibly millions of other merchants, can be more problematic than
reporting a single merchant with a single site -- be certain to fill-out
the policy form as accurately and as succinctly as possible.