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shipping information for data feeds

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Please help a desperate soul!


I have spent days in & out, getting around this whole data feed process, read every possible help on google merchant and now I am down to 1 last error:missing shipping attributes.

1. I already have uploaded the shipping for every country in my google account as advised here on the forum

2. I am trying to submit a shipping column in an XML data feed, but no matter what I add or delete-mesagge remains- ERROR!



what should be the format for the header in the XML doc for shipping? Points, comas, parenthesis??

and in every column, how should the pattern look like? .:/(  

is it possible that the shipping settings in my account are interfering with the shipping information I have in the xml? I already tried deleting the column in the feed- ERROR.


Pls pls- help before I give up on the whole thing, I already crossed the frustration point, is horrible to do something that I know so little about.


Any advice is highly appreciated..




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Re: shipping information for data feeds

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(1) shipping is only needed for the registered feed's target-country --
there is no need to submit all countries in the same feed; a separate
feed is required per target-country.

shipping may be either (a) exactly accurate or (b) an overestimate.

shipping may be either (a) set within the account for all items, for a
target-country; or (b) submitted in the feed as a per-item override,
for that specific, registered, target-country.

if shipping is set in the account for all items, and is either accurate
or an overestimate for all the items, there is no need to submit any
shipping information in the feed, whatsoever -- submitted shipping
for an item overrides all account-level shipping settings, for that item.

note that if shipping is set as carrier-calculated or based on weight,
a valid shipping_weight attribute and value must also be submitted.

(2) generally, a spreadsheet cannot be used to submit an xml feed --
a google-xml feed requires a specific format and cannot use the
same shipping syntax as a tab-delimited (spreadsheet) feed file.

for a google-xml feed, shipping for an item, example:
<gSmiley Tonguerice>123.45 USD</gSmiley Tonguerice>


[ note: those emoticon/faces are g colon price ]

for a tab-delimited feed, the same shipping example:
US:CA:Ground:123.45 USD
note: all three (3) colons are always required.

see also