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setting up datafeed schedule using ftp

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At the moment we are uploading our datafeeds manually, obviously time consuming hence I set up an ftp location for google to access so that we could set up an automatic schedule.


However it doesn't matter what VALID ftp url I put in the 'fetch settings - feed URL' it refuses to accept the url as valid with the following message:


'The specified URL is invalid'


I've tried the following:






amongst other variations with and without trailing slashes, username and passwords, to no avail.


Any help would be much appreciated.


Kind regards,


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Re: setting up datafeed schedule using ftp

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the fetch settings are for google to pull
the feed file from an external location.

generally, the external fetch is a full (protocol) uri --
that can be accessed by a googlebot crawl and

pointing to the (registered) data-feed file (name); e.g.


typically, if s/ftp is used for scheduled-fetch, any
username and password required must be set
within the scheduled-fetch settings -- not the
ftp settings within the merchant-center.

most often however, ftp is a push to google via an ftp
put from a (private) external, server -- rather than using

google's scheduled-fetch.

generally, for ftp the server on which the feed
resides uses the server's internal scheduling
software (cron, etc.) to ftp (put) the feed file.

for an ftp (put) the ftp username and password
must first be setup within the merchant-center.

note that the ftp username can *never* be
changed once assigned so be cautious when
setting that information.

details are currently here:


Re: setting up datafeed schedule using ftp

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Hi Celebird,

Thanks for your reply.

To clear up what I'm not trying to do, that is, I am not using ftp to put the files on the Google upload server.

Yes I was attempting to set up the scheduled fetch. I'm aware of how it is supposed to work. I have a server with a home user account set up which contains all of the product datafeeds Google should fetch. Both a username and password are required. This ftp url with credentials has been tested for access externally.

My problem is solely on the datafeed -> create schedule page. I choose a time, I input the valid ftp url, I input the username and password. When I click 'update and fetch now' I get the error 'The specified URL is invalid'.

My issue is it is not an invalid URL, it has been tested multiple times, any slight adjustments to the URL fail too, hence my initial message above.

The links you supplied are what I've been working from, however they give no feedback on why URL's are invalid to Google. This is what I'm trying to find out.

Kind regards,

Re: setting up datafeed schedule using ftp

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first, you're welcome.

the http protocol is typically used for a scheduled-fetch.

regardless, the assigned site must be able to respond properly
to google's (ftp) get requests -- given the proper credentials.

both googlebot and adsbot-google must be able to crawl
the fetch-uri (directory) and the uri must point to the full
file-name of the (registered) data-feed file.

also, the registered feed file must be under 1gb.

these are some issues that may trigger the same similar invalid-url message;
google may not always differentiate different issues with specific messages.

more generally, google may have insifficiant access to most local servers;
if so, a local ftp-put is likely required -- rather than a scheduled-fetch.

otherwise, the best likely course would be to contact
google directly so a person can look into the account
and your specific (ftp) site.

Re: setting up datafeed schedule using ftp

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Hi Celebird,

Thanks again.

Rather than bang my head against the wall with this, I've created a Google ftp upload account and altered the code to upload the feeds. This fortunately, is working straight off, so I'll stick with this method instead.

Many thanks,

Re: setting up datafeed schedule using ftp

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you're welcome again and thank you for the update.

Re: setting up datafeed schedule using ftp

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Even tho you have specified the name of the file in feed configuration you still need to specify it in the link along with protocol.

So for ftp will be: ftp://hostname/name_of_your_feed.txt