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register data feed for shopping ads

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Hi Everyone

In the Google merchant account that I am managing for my client in MCC, I am not getting the option to register the feed (and then upload it) for shopping campaign that I am trying to set up. In fact I cant see any active tab there, earlier we were running PLAs but those stopped showing all of a sudden about couple of weeks ago. Is this related to access level (though I do not think so), I can make almost all changes in campaigns.


Thanks in advance



Re: register data feed for shopping ads

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Hi Ritu,

Have you updated your campaigns to Shopping Campaigns within AdWords?

When you say you are trying to register the feed do you mean that you are having issues uploading a new feed?

You should be able to go to Data Feeds -> New Data Feed -> Manage Feed in Google Docs spreadsheet (this is the easiest way - You can just paste your product data into the Google Spreadsheet).

Please message me back if you're still having problems.

All the best,