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"identifier exists" Attribute

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Hi Folks,

I have an attribute exemption from google due to the fact that I sell antiques so we have to have an atribute "identifier exists" and to enter the word FALSE as shown in the image
Im,age-A- copy.jpgWe have added this identifier tag to the product feed but unfortunatly the free plugin we’ve used in Wordpress doesn’t have this as an option, so we’ve added it manually into the plugin code "SEE IMAGE". What I would like to know is, would this work as required and is there any way of checking that it's working.
Kind regards.
Im,age-B- copy.jpg
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Re: "identifier exists" Attribute

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(1) no -- not as written in the image;

the mpn and brand attribute would also need to be deleted altogether.

simply remove both mpn and brand.

an identifier_exists of FALSE indicates that there is no, valid,
global-trade-data -- that exists from the brand-manufacturer
who actually built the product -- and will not be submitted.

the only valid global-trade-data (mpn, brand, gtin) that can be submitted
must have been previously assigned by the manufacturer of the item and
all merchants selling the item must use the same global-trade-data values.

the merchant (store) brand is configured in the merchant-center account
and is automatically sent by google with each item submitted; but cannot
be submitted by merchants as the brand value for an item.

submitting invalid or inaccurate global-trade-data (mpn, brand, gtin)
for an item is grounds for disapproval or suspension, at any time.

otherwise, the identifier_exists (FALSE) entry looks ok, as-is.

(2) to verify the result is working, wait 72-hours
after the data has been submitted; then, check the
following under the merchant-center-account:

if the plug-in creates a feed (file) to submit the data then, check
the feeds-tab -- click the data-feed name then, the status-tab.

if the plug-in uses the (content) api to submit the

data then, check under the api-diagnostics-tab.


then, check the diagnostics-tab -- click on

any account, feeds, or items (blue) boxes.

also, after processing the submitted data, check the per-item
status by clicking on the item's title under the products-tab.

otherwise, the best likely course would be to contact
whoever is supporting that particular wordpress-plug-in.

Re: "identifier exists" Attribute

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Thanks for your answer, I've got to say this has totally gone over my head as I'm a bit of a doughnut as far as these things go, My web designer has done this for me.
I did fail to mention that this is an ecommerce website, don't know if that makes any difference.
So you seem to think that the line we have added <g:identifier_exists>FALSE</g:identifier_exists>
Will not work

Re: "identifier exists" Attribute

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first, you're welcome.

all the data must conform to both
(a) the format and (b) the policies.

that line is ok and will work (will be processed) with respect to the format.

however, if identifier_exists FALSE is submitted with
an mpn and brand then, that violates the policies --

and the item can be flagged with a disapproval status.

if identifier_exists FALSE is submitted then,
mpn and brand should both be removed --
to conform to the policies.


Re: "identifier exists" Attribute

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I've been in touch with my web designer and this was his answer.

Hi Kevin

This sort of makes sense actually. Essentially what their saying, is that the product feed was stating that all of the products were of a brand name ‘Memorabilia’, and all had industry recognised product codes (which of course isn’t correct). I wasn’t aware that Google penalised you for this, but always good to know.

The only way I could make this work, is by editing the plugin files to remove the lines we don’t want. Unfortunately this does mean that any updates to the plugin may then break these edits, but maybe we’ll have to cross that bridge when we get to it.

Re: "identifier exists" Attribute

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that sounds that a cogent and correct analysis.

there is "works" as in, functional -- and
there is "works" as in, adheres to the rules.

a potential weak analogy is pinning a service-medal to a uniform;
there is likely a proper way to pin a service-medal on a uniform
that will work (will not fall off) -- however, if the person did not
properly earn the medal then, wearing the medal may violate a
(military) policy -- and in that sense would not "work".

when checking the submitted data, google looks at
both the functional (processing) and the policies.

that added line is exactly correct in terms of functionality --
however, if identifier_exists is FALSE and (invalid) mpn or
brand are also submitted then, that violates the policies.

as the data is analyzed over time the penalties would be seen
either as lower quality and poor performance in the auctions
or, as a disapproval for submitting invalid global-trade-data.

and yes, any local changes to a plug-in means that
any updates to the plug-in may break those changes.

see also

Re: "identifier exists" Attribute

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I suggest you use a new plugin, paid plugin, or use Google Spreadsheet.

If you have less than 50 products I think a spreadsheet is more than fine to manage.

There are plenty tutorials explaining how to submit a spreadsheet to google merchant.
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