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"Item Uploaded Through Multiple Feeds" and "Disapproved or Invalid"

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Google Merchant was not accurately updating product data from the feed on my BigCommerce-hosted web site, and I verified this by downloading and reviewing the BigCommerce .xml file (which accurately reflected the product data changes that I made) and comparing it to the Google error messages (which did _not_ accurately reflect the product data changes that I made). After mulitple failed attempts at re-submitting the feed, I made the _big_ mistake of deleting the old Data Feed so that I could add a new one (with a new name) in the hopes that it would "force" the new data to be imported. That appears to have worked (and it is now including the updated data), but I still have three issues:
1) All "Item[s] uploaded to multiple feeds." I only have a single feed (albeit a new one with a new name), so how do I address this (or do I just need to wait for Google to recognize and correct my blunder)?
2) Six products are "Disapproved or Invaild." All product information _appears_ to be complete and accurate like the rest of the products. How do I begin to troubleshoot this?
3) Three products are "Awaiting Review." I know that two of these products needed to be renamed (which I'm hoping explains the approval delay), but the third product is new to the feed (along with other "new products" that were successfully added without any waiting period). Again, how do I begin to troubleshoot this?
Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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September 2015

Re: "Item Uploaded Through Multiple Feeds" and "Disappr

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yes, these may be the issues triggering the current
disapproval and similar issues may be flagged later.

an item with a specific status in the merchant-center does
not necessarily mean that an item is following the policies --
google is constantly checking and re-checking data and sites.

for example, pop-ups are generally not allowed on link landing-pages,

there are rules related to promotional-text, excessive capitalization,

product images, and physical items related to tobacco alternatives --

that may or may not be flagged during initial feed processing.

seeing an item listed within google-shopping is not necessarily
an indicator that a person at google has looked at and allowed
the item; the items listed may not be exactly the same as those
that are (not) allowed and items may be disapproved or removed
for a policy violation, at any time.

ads seen that are violations may simply have not been caught or flagged yet --
potential violations may be reported directly to google for a hand-inspection
by policy specialists.

importantly, google is the final arbiter of all policies.


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Re: "Item Uploaded Through Multiple Feeds" and "Disappr

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changes and updates are based on the id attribute
and googlebot and googlebot-image crawls --
google may sometimes take 24-72 hours or so
to crawl and update all item information.

generally, never delete the registered data-feed
unless indicated to do so by a person at google.

any change to any item may trigger a review.

(1) this message will likely remain depending on the id information;
(2) issues related to the website or quality crawls may have nothing
whatever to do with the feed data submitted; check the item status
by clicking on the title within the products-tab and check the quality
section within the main dashboard, about 72-hours after the upload.
(3) any change to any item, id, or feed re-upload can trigger a review;
a review can happen at any time during processing and during the
quality crawls of the website and images -- typically 24-72 hours or
so after the data re-upload and successful feed processing; generally,
use the similar checks as in (2).

otherwise, simply wait 72-hours without any changes or re-uploads
for all items and images to be processed and checked against the
crawled website details; then, contact google directly --

see also

Re: "Item Uploaded Through Multiple Feeds" and "Disappr

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Thank you very much for your response. I will wait 72 hours and provide an updated status report.

Re: "Item Uploaded Through Multiple Feeds" and "Disappr

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Six products are still listed as "Disapproved or Invalid," but all others have now been approved; the Data Quality reports "No issues with your data have been found at this time." I _think_ that these 6 products all comply with information on the page. I'd appreciate further suggestions on how to further troubleshoot these 6 products, and thanks again.

Re: "Item Uploaded Through Multiple Feeds" and "Disappr

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the products and images may also be compared to
data on the website for any policy related issues --
not just the data submitted inspected in isolation;
check the products-tab by clicking on the item's
title for any additional details.


there are many other policy related issues that can trigger a disapproval --

related to the physical item, supply-chain, images, variants, and other factors:

otherwise, unfortunately, forum members cannot
look into any feed or account; we can mainly offer
suggestions based on information that is posted
here within the public forums.

the best likely course would be to contact google directly --

see also

Re: "Item Uploaded Through Multiple Feeds" and "Disappr

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Thank you again for your assistance. I have contacted Google directly and am awaiting a response.

Re: "Item Uploaded Through Multiple Feeds" and "Disappr

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This is still not resolved since this Google workaround has produced the same results (i.e., the same 6 products are still listed as "Disapproved or Invalid"): "These products are automatically disapproved by our system and unfortunately, can't be approved manually. That being said, we suggest putting in new item IDs, modifying the titles, modifying the description and then re-uploading (as a potential workaround) so the system sees them as new products. I hope this helps!" I'm going to respond to Google's e-mail for further assistance.

I also just double-checked the Data Quality: No issues with your data have been found at this time.

Re: "Item Uploaded Through Multiple Feeds" and "Disappr

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yes, the best course is simply to reply directly to google's email.

otherwise, seeing much more exact details here in the

public forum may help us offer more exact suggestions.

if the policy issue is with the physical item then nothing can
be done in the feed or on the website to change the outcome.

otherwise, generally any word or phrase that relates to a banned product,
especially in isolation or without a clear context, or very few explanatory
words, may trigger false-negatives.

check the feed for any words or phrases related to the following areas:
(1) any promotional-text that does not explain (only) the physical item --
(e.g. any shipping information anyplace other than a shipping attribute);
(2) any promotional-marks such as non-standard capitalization, html, css, etc.
(3) any adult or mature topics, double entendre, or slightly offensive language;
(4) any physical item that violates any google policy;
(5) any content or image that violates any google policy;
(6) any text that may relate to a trademarked or copyrighted word or phrase.

or, some combination of any or all of these areas.

typically, about the only way to approach such a disapproval is to first
(a) be certain all attribute values adhere to all the policies -- such as,
valid and accurate global-trade-data, prices with vat where applicable, etc.
and (b) verify the physical item is not in the group of restricted products.

then, subtract or substitute any suspected words or phrases
or add words or phrases that might offer a clearer context --
especially within the title and description; a thesaurus may help.

the product image may also need to change -- be certain the image
is around 300x300 pixles or so, has no watermarks or text of any kind,
and is a clear image of the product itself without any excessive borders.


also, be certain none of the six products are related in any way to variants --

variants must be submitted using identical item_group_id and at least one

unique variant attribute is required.


also, verify all global-trade-data with the manufacture; any global-trade-data

(mpn, gtin, brand) that is submitted cannot be self-assigned or approximated.

then, change the id to a value that has never, ever,
been used before, for any other inventory item, and
wait for a re-review -- typically, 24-72 hours or so
after the updated feed has been re-submitted.


google's (feed) processing can be inexact --

so the exact issues may not be reported.

unless google changes the status manually, this
process may need to be repeated several times --
assuming the issue is not with the physical item,
supply-chain, or website; such as the same physical

inventory item being submitted from another venue.


Re: "Item Uploaded Through Multiple Feeds" and "Disappr

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Thank you for the suggestions. While I'm waiting for Google's e-mail response, what other details (e.g., the specific data for one of the "Disapproved or Invalid" products as detailed in the mydatafeed.xml file) can I post here in the forum that might be helpful? Please note that attribute values all appear to be correct since there are no errors reported with the data. I also have a list of all productIDs (as assigned by BigCommerce), and they are all unique (as expected). It is my understanding that re-creating the products with new names and edited descriptions (while temporarily retaining the old product with the "questionable" productID) will automatically generate a new productID assignment for the "new" (i.e., re-created) product; I subsequently deleted the original "Disapproved or Invalid" product after I verified that a new productID was assigned to the "re-created" product. Verbiage for the product descriptions are similar for products that are approved and products that are disapproved. Again, I appreciate your assistance and whatever insight you can offer. In the interim, I'll begin to address the points you noted to see if I can identify the issues through subsequent editing.

Re: "Item Uploaded Through Multiple Feeds" and "Disappr

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Also, when I search (Google Shopping), none of the "Approved" products are shown in the search results, although competitors' products are listed in the results.