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"Collectible weapons"

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Hi everyone,


I noticed that in the current Google taxonomy there are new categories related to weapons. Products which are prohibited by policy. But some are now classified as mature content e.g. "army knives". And there's another category, "collectible knives" which really confused me. It's listed under "art and entertainment", so i'm not sure that it's classified as mature and would only be shown to a limited audience. 


So i have two questions

1. Dangerous weapons are prohibited according to the policy. Among the knives which were given to me as an example of prohibited knives were ka-bar knives (Oktober '14) which is like the classic example of army knives. Yet there is a product taxonomy group for them now, so are they ok again?

2. Collectable weapons... what does that mean? I sell many knives with a high price tag, made with premium materials. They're production knives, high end. These knives are very collectable, some of my customers cherrish their knives to the point they're stored in air controlled safes and they handle them with gloves. But they're not old or anything and most often have features which would construe to "assisted opening" and because of that are prohibited. 


I'm just afraid that Google doesn't see it quite the same way... The lack of explanation and reference materials makes it really hard to judge whether i can or can't include these products in shopping (ads) and if/when they would show. 


I'd very much appreciate some help here.

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Re: "Collectible weapons"

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the taxonomy does not necessarily reflect all current policies --
there is sometimes a lag or mismatch and some taxonomies may
be used by multiple target-countries where the policies can differ.

generally, in target-countries where such items might be allowed,
the qualifying-terms usually refer to items that have either been
rendered harmless in some way or have what mainly is considered

to be non-violent uses.

that said, google is the final arbiter of all policies
but tends not to comment on such policy specifics,
especially within the public community-forum.

the best likely course would be to contact a support specialist directly.

Re: "Collectible weapons"

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To update my own post. In the future event someone googles the same question and finds this topic.


I needed to wait a few days for customer support to get an answer from the policy team. Otherwise i'd updated it sooner. There are no changes in the policy. The taxonomy is used for other tools/programs aswell which do use these groups. Customer support agreed with me on the fact that this is very confusing and i've been told they're reviewing these practices to prevent future confusion. We might see these groups removed again after some time has passed. 


It was personaly suggested to me to NOT move any products in these groups due to the likeliness of products being disapproved if i would.