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"Automatic Item Updates' crawl isn't recognizing Sale Prices

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Any help with this one is appreciated. I'm still relatively new to Google Shopping and Merchant Center. Smiley Happy


I am also relatively new to e-commerce. I have had a successful brick-and-mortar store for years and am slowly wading into the e-commerce market. My website is running its very first sale! Smiley Happy


Things have been going swimmingly for several months using Merchant Center and Google Shopping. However once I have started to run my sale, I am starting to get Automatic Item Disapprovals for having the "wrong price displayed", even though my product landing pages are, in fact, displaying the correct price. In fact, my landing pages are displaying the original item price with a strike through line, and the sale price is being displayed directly above it. Screenshots are attachedWarning: My store/site sells adult products and the screenshots are of a sex toy. Please consider your surroundings and personal comfort level before viewing the screenshots. Smiley Happy


Merchant Center Product Report:

Item Disapproved.jpgItem Disapproved 2.jpg


My Website:
Product Display.jpg



My gut is telling me that GoogleBot is unable to find the sale price when it crawls my product landing pages, but perhaps there is something else wrong that is causing this to not pull through. Is there something I could be missing in my Data Feed?


Can anyone provide me some direction on this one? If I need to add tags or metadata, I can do that. I coded and programmed the vast majority of the website and e-commerce store myself so I do have the skills and knowledge to fix it on my site if necessary, so feel free to throw the technical jargon at me. Or by all means if there is some kind of problem with my data feed and I can fix it without coding, then I am all ears about that as well. Smiley Happy

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"Automatic Item Updates' crawl isn't recognizing Sale Prices

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I recommend adding microdata for google shopping on your product landing pages. This will fix your issues with price mismatch.


Simply Google "google shopping microdata" and you will find a ton of helpful files. This will get you started.

To validate your work use


And maybe in the future avoid any adult content, as these forums are public to all ages. The image was not something required to help your issue.


hope it helps

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