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product listing ads

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Hello All


I would like to gather information about PLA's i know how to interlink merchant centre and adwords account, making feeds and uploading it. But by default it shows all products, but i want to target different products and bid accordingly for example shoes > mens shoes > casual shoes.I want to make pla structure something like that where i can target specific category and bid accordingly. kindly guide me asap and pls also provide some useful references links and videos.




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September 2015

Re: product listing ads

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Hello Roshan M,

In your Adwords account, in ad group with all products from Merchant center you can see there's a little pen which is Edit button. You can click on it and select how you want to filter your products.


In your case it seems like you want to filter your shows by category. If the examples are from Google product categories, you can definitely work with them.

  1. Basically add the main category
  2. Then subdivide by clicking on + in your newly created product category and then divide it further and further until you reach wanted category like casual shoes.
  3. Once it is divided, you can set bids for these specific categories.

If you don't have google product category for your products and you want to somehow divide these products anyhow. Then you custom labels. Mark these products in your feed by custom label and then you can divide them also by these labels.


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