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pricing on bulk quantities with "buy 1 sample" option

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I would like to get the official ruling on what price must be specified on Google Shopping for an item like this:


Per Google policy, if the minimum quantity is 30, the price shown must be 30 * $0.79 = $23.70 .  However, this page shows a "sample" of 1 that can be purchased for $0.65.  I have known other websites whose feeds were disapproved for showing the sample pirce (e.g., $0.65) in this type of scenario, because Google indicated that "sample" prices do not count.  On this website, trying to buy any quantity from 2 - 29 gives you an error, so clearly the quantity 1 price is a special deal.


At least 50% of the people advertising these types of favor products on Google Shopping are showing their price for the single sample, with the other 50% showing the minimum quantity 30 price.  So is advertising this item at $0.65 legal or a violation?



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Re: pricing on bulk quantities with "buy 1 sample" option

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importantly, it must be straightforward for the user to find the exact submitted item;
the price submitted must match the most prominent landing-page price, at all times;
yes, the bulk-pricing rules are as stated;
free (sample) items are not allowed.

of course, google is the final arbiter of all policies.

however, typically google will not comment on policies related to
any specific merchant (landing-page) here within the public forum --

generally, not unless you are the owner of the landing-page.

to report a potential policy violation, google may be contacted here --
typically, google will not discuss reported policy issues with
anyone except for the merchant who is under investigation.

"on Google Shopping"

seeing any item on google-shopping does not necessarily indicate

that a person at google has approved the item in any way whatsoever  --

google may disapprove any item or feed or suspend any website or

account at any time.


Re: pricing on bulk quantities with "buy 1 sample" option

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The price shown for the "1 sample" is not free, it is a reduced cost. I am looking at the policies page for Google Shopping here: and I do not see this question addressed currently. I realize it is a subtle point, but it is important to clarify the distinction.

I understand that possible violations happen and Google may just not have caught on to the violations yet. As I said, in this industry, at least 50% of the results listed are in violation of the rules if sample prices do not count. That's a pretty high failure rate to me. Let me give you another example: Tongue

That is a search for a personalized glass from Kate Aspen, which has a minimum purchase quantity of 36, which you can see on the manufacturer's website here:

12 of the 18 stores in the results are listing the price for a single glass, with only 6 listing the correct pricing of 36 glasses times the price. You don't think Google's software should find it odd that someone is selling an item for $1.09, but someone else wants $141.60 for the same item? So is it up to the competitors to police and report on each other, or does Google actually pay attention?

I am not even suggesting that the 12 people listing the single item price are doing it on purpose. They either just haven't been caught yet, or it is not illegal, the other 6 are just losing sales because they don't know better. Either way, something is amiss.