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prestashop google shopping api

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I used the official prestashop google shopping module to upload a product feed , however after the feed was uploaded i discovered that the price is VAT excluded. (my shop is in Sweden). I tried to look for a solution online but was unable to find a fix. I then found out that posting the price without VAT might get my account banned. So i hastily deleted the product feed thinking that the products will also be deleted. However they were not. Right now I don't know what to do??!! I don't know how to fix the api so that it uploads the correct price, and I don't know how to remove 2500 products from my merchant account! Any help/advice on how to proceed would be highly appreciated. Thanks



I checked my merchant account after several minutes and the products were indeed removed. So I found that i can upload a test feed. However there were several other problems that arose:

1. After I clicked on "Test" mode and not Standard mode, I created a completely different feed with a different name. I doubled and tripled checked that it was indeed on Test, and then proceeded with the feed creation. After the feed was uploaded, on the Feeds tab it states that the feed was Standard and not Test!!!

2. Eventhough i created a completely different feed with a different name, and no products were listed on my account, an error states that the I am using multiple feeds for the same products So how does this work??

Will i have the same error if I decide to manually create a new feed (without the api) and upload the same products?

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prestashop google shopping api

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this is typically due to the landing-page or the
configured add-to-cart price not including vat.

the price displayed on the link landing-page,
the default add-to-cart price, and the price
submitted to google, must all be identical,
at all times, and must all include vat.

normally, the id value of an inventory item should never, ever change.


google tracks all items by id.

if the id values never change then, the fixed and resubmitted
(price) data will simply overlay the existing items' price; there
is normally no need to delete items first.

yes, the fixes should be implemented on the website, and the data
resubmitted, as soon as possible, to avoid a policy related issue.

any price submitted, price on the landing-page, or add-to-cart price,
that does not match or does not include vat, is considered a policy
violation and grounds for a disapproval or suspension, at any time.

for exactly how to fix the issue, with respect to the specific version
of prestashop being used, the best likely course would be to simply
contact prestashop-support directly -- and possibly also ask within
the prestashop-forums.

as an aside, deletes cannot be done solely from the merchant-center,
unless the data is also prevented from being resubmitted -- both the
delete and the removal from any re-submitted data should be done

from inside the e-commerce system (prestashop); however, deletes

are normally not needed for fixes, if id values are handled properly.

see also



prestashop google shopping api

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thanks for your reply.. please read the update posted in the original post..thanks

Re: prestashop google shopping api

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first, you're welcome.


note that any deletes from in the merchant-center may take between
a few minutes, to several hours, to finalize and be removed from the
products-list of the merchant-center-account -- however, if the items
are resubmitted from the e-commerce site, then the items will simply
be re-inserted and the deletes ignored.


there is no communication from the merchant-center to an
e-commerce-system with respect to merchant-center deletes.

normally, never delete items from within the merchant-center;
formal, actual, deletes of inventory-items should be done only

within the e-commerce system (on prestashop).

simply contact prestashop-support for exact instructions
on how to properly delete or prevent specific inventory
items from ever being re-submitted to google.


as to the updated questions --


normally, only, one, single, feed should ever be registered, once.


the same registered feed is used for all updates --
all fixes, all changes, all additions, all deletes.


the best likely course would be to delete all feeds except one --
only one, single, feed should be listed on the merchant-center

for the target-country.


all physical inventory items are tracked by id.


if a new method is used to submit items then, the same id values should
be used and the previous method must be stopped, at the source, before
using the new method -- that is, prestashop must be configured to stop
submitting items before a new (manual) method is used.


simply be certain there is only one, single, feed registered, once,

and there is only one, single, feed seen on the merchant-center,

for the target-country -- then, any related multiple-feed messages

may simply be ignored.


normally, if the api is used there is no feed --

the api usually communicates directly with

google as an (insert/delete) request, so that

there is no feed used or needed; however,

there are other automated-methods used

to submit data that may require a registered

data-feed, file, depending on the developer

and the implementation details.


generally, always verify items by clicking on the item's title,

within the products-tab of there merchant-center; note that

items may not be assigned a final status until approximately

72-hours or so, after the items have been re-submitted --

regardless of which method is used to submit the data.


however, this is mainly a peer-to-peer forum -- forum-members cannot
look into any accounts or any submitted data; forum-members can mainly
offers suggestions based on the information posted here in public.


the best likely course would be to first contact prestashop-support directly,
so a support person at prestashop can look directly into the shop's details --
then, contact a merchant-center support specialist at google, so a person at
google can look directly into the merchant-center-account.

prestashop google shopping api

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I have exactly the sames problems as Luai G , and for 10 days I have been

trying to get an answer from the Google support center,

unfortunately on Google's side no one dares answering my questions,

either in Polish nor in English.


Our PrestaShop developper did not find any mistakes in the

configuration, we are on PrestaShop In the PrestatShop

database we have net prices and VAT, PrestaShop does not save

gross prices in its databases. But on the frontend (product pages, basket)

all prices are gross prices (e.g. itemprop="price" is a gross price).


Now we need to know where the API is taking the prices from,

and how is taking the prices, in order to state where the mistake

is coming from. Maybe the problem is on Google's side not on

Prestashop's. Anyway it is a Google developped integration, so the support

should come from Google.


By the way, I also had the problem with a test-feed ending up being a

standard-feed, I deleted it and became a warning from Google because

I have multiple feeds for the same products...


Hope someone can help, maybe even Google !!!