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oops something went wrong

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I am trying to do my first data feed and I keep getting an error message that says OOPS SOMETHING WENT WRONG.  TRY AGAIN

I can't get past registering a new feed


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Re: oops something went wrong

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(1) be certain that the live, standard, products feed has not
already been registered, by checking the feeds-tab of the
account -- generally, only one, single, live feed should
ever be registered, only once.
there should be only one, single, standard
products feed seen in the data-feeds list.

preexisting google-sheets cannot be re-registered and the live registered feed
should normally not be deleted -- unless a person at google indicates to do so.

any preexisting google-sheet should not be re-registered and the
one registered live, standard, products data-feed should normally
not be deleted, unless a person at google indicates to do so.

(2) be certain that popups and similar pages are not being blocked
by the browser-settings or a browser-plugin -- a google-spreadsheet
registration requires a popup-window to accept the permission-settings.

also, try clearing the browser's cache and
cookies before using the merchant-center.

otherwise, simply try a different browser such as chrome,

(3) be certain that a google-apps-account is not being used.

if a google-apps account is being used to access the merchant-center
then, a google-spreadsheet cannot be used as a registered feed-type --
regardless of which browser is being used -- other than a browser,
using a google-apps-account with the merchant-center is the most
common reason for that specific oops-error.

also, using a test-feed before submitting the live, standard, products-feed
is generally a best-practice and can help avoid many feed and related issues --

otherwise, a support specialist may be contacted directly.

see also