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only 33 of 4000 products processed

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AudioShop Australia

.csv submitted to Google merchant , csv contained 4000 approx items , only 33 have been picked up in Google merchant. Why could this be?


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Re: only 33 of 4000 products processed

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this typically indicates an issue with the file format or data.

be certain the feed is registered as .txt tab-delimited,
re-save the feed file as .txt tab-delimited, be certain all
data conforms to google's policies, and then re-upload
the .txt tab-delimited file.

generally, csv is not documented as a currently supported format.

also, check the .txt file within a browser window
before uploading to be certain all data conforms
to the policies, rules, and recommendations.

for example, be certain all data within the file is plain text --
without any html, javacsript, css, or formatting of any kind.

for example, a link value must show the same information
on the landing-page at all times, for all users, regardless
of where a user might be physically located.


the merchant-center diagnostics, feeds, and products tabs

should show the status and issue details for the account,

website, feed, and individual items.

see also


Re: only 33 of 4000 products processed

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When that happens to me, I use the link in the email to see what the specific errors are. In my case, there was a group of items that didn't have the shipping values set up. Another group of items didn't have a category that Google recognized. Did you check what the specific reasons were?