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not all products from feed displaying in google merchant

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Hello - need some advice on what to do next.  I use a scheduled feed to submit my products to Google Merchant. I recently added some new products, I can see where the total number of products going to Google Merchant increased when I added these products, but I cannot locate them anywhere in Google Merchant, thus clearly I cannot add them to my current campaign in Google Shopping.  These products appear to set up correctly (and the same) as all of my other products, I have confirmed they are in my feed and I have no errors with my feeds in Google Merchant.  This is really odd and I have never had this happen before.  I cannot seem to find anything on it either.  Is there something I should check?  Maybe something obvious I am totally missing?   Thanks, Susan


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Re: not all products from feed displaying in google merchant

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new items may take 24-72 hours or so to surface.


generally, check the quality-tab 72-hours or so after the feed re-upload --

in addition to any feed processing issues seen within the data-feeds tab.


also, be certain the new items are not reusing any id values

of deleted items or other target-country feeds -- id values

must be unique per item and can never change.


also, if the new items are variants be certain proper

item_group_id and variant attributes are submitted

for all items in each variant group.


also, try an id search within the merchant-center

account under the products-tab to check status

of individual items -- especially for a review and

to verify individual attribute information.


also, if a data-feed file is being used, try downloading

a copy of the data google sees, under the data-feed's

feed-status-summary report using the feed download

link -- compare that file to the external feed file data.



Re: not all products from feed displaying in google merchant

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To add to what Celebird has already said, do you submit your feed in txt or xml format? If the latter, make sure there aren't any xml errors in your feed--you can do this by attempting to open the xml file in Microsoft Excel, if Excel fails to parse the xml file you will be provided the line the error is on. Google Merchant Center does a pretty crappy job warning you about xml errors.