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no online purchasing means

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Hi there,


So Im trying to get my products listed and the merchant account is suspended 


"Account suspended due to policy violation: no online purchasing means".


my site uses paypal as the payment gateway only, but this should work right?



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Re: no online purchasing means

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site is

Re: no online purchasing means

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yes, generally, paypal is a valid secure purchasing means.

however, the landing-page and the checkout-flow
cannot collect any user information within any
unsecured pages or via popups or redirects.

first, be certain that the link landing-page url
submitted (in the feed) lands on a page with
one matching price and one add-to-cart button.

then, be certain that the checkout-flow (after a user clicks checkout)
lands directly on a secure checkout-page without any pop-ups, overlays,
redirects, or similar -- but rather, directly on a secure checkout page,
such as, directly on paypal or similar secure website checkout page.

also, generally, the checkout-flow must not
require customers to sign-up with the site,
club, or store-membership, simply to checkout --
any such step typically must be optional and
allowed to be skipped.

otherwise, a merchant-center product-listing-ad, customer
service support-specialist, at google, may be contacted.