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need help on deleting unapproved items

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need help on deleting unapproved items

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any delete must be done at the source of the data being submitted.

for example, if a spreadsheet is being used, delete the item/row from the sheet;
for example, if an e-commerce-plug-in is being used, use the plugin to delete;
for example, if the content-api is being used, a products-delete must be issued.


be certain to never, ever, reuse the id of the item being deleted -- unless

that exact physical inventory item, that was deleted, is added back, later.

this is mainly a peer-to-peer public forum; forum-members
cannot look into any accounts or submitted-data details.

posting, here in public, much more specific details -- such as
the source of the data being submitted, exactly how items are
currently submitted, screen-captures from the merchant-center
of the products-feeds-tab and any disapproval details, a specific

url of the claimed site, details of the e-commerce system being

used, etc., may allow other forum-members to offer more specific

suggestions, here in public.


generally, fixing the disapproval, if possible, is usually best.

otherwise, google may be contacted directly for account-specific guidance.