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my google shopping ad is not showing on general keywords like bra, sarees etc

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my shopping ads are not showing on general keywords

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Hi, im abhishek and im from india. I own a website by the name 'womenzcart',  which promoted women clothing products. I have created a shopping ad it is showing on specific keywords like push up bra, buy sarees online but it is not showing for general keywords like bra, sarees, dress etc. Please help me regarding this issue

my google shopping ad is not showing on general keywords like bra, sarees etc

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generally, the choices are --

(a) increase the bid;

(b) improve quality.


shopping-ads do not use keywords.

shopping-ads show based on the bid and quality factors.

only items with a high enough competitive bid, and enough quality,
to win a slot in the ad-auctions, may be seen as a shopping-ad.

broad, general, search-terms tend to require much higher bids, or much
higher quality, or both, to win a slot in the ad-auctions -- than do more
specific, targeted, search-terms, especially in competitive markets.

also, check for any basic issues --

first, within the merchant-center-account, click on the item's title,
under the products-tab, to verify the item is currently in stock and
to check the item's (shopping) status.

then, be certain that all data submitted meet google's quality requirements --
especially for the title and description with respect to the physical item
and the physical item's characteristics; check all attributes against all
google's feed-specifications and best-practices.

then, within the ad-account, verify the item matches a product-group,
under the shopping-campaign, and was assigned a competitive bid.

only in-stock items, with an active shopping status, that are
assigned a bid, are eligible to participate in the auctions.

then, to verify items are showing for users, check the impression statistics
within the account; never use live searches to verify items are showing or
not -- live-searches may cause items to be removed from the ad-auctions

and do not indicate that items are showing, or not showing, for others.

otherwise, this is mainly a peer-to-peer forum --
forum-members cannot look into any accounts or
any submitted data; posting more specific details,
here within the public forum, such as an item's
link landing-page, and the specific data being
submitted for an item, may allow others to offer
more specific suggestions.

otherwise, google may be contacted directly for account-specific guidance.