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low traffic google shopping campaign Germany

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Dear members,


I am the proud owner of a beer webshop in the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom


Our webshop has more then 700 differen craft beers, in which you can customize your own crate of beer.


However, to improve traffic and revenue we started to setup some Google Shopping campaigns.

In the Netherlands we already had one, but within the UK and Germany we didn't, so we created a feed for both Germany and the UK, and gave them the right google categories.



Nahrungsmittel, Getränke & Tabak > Getränke > Alkoholische Getränke > Bier
United Kingdom: (currency converter)
Food, Beverages & Tobacco > Beverages > Alcoholic Beverages > Beer
We have no errors and some warnings in the merchant center but the shop's are receiving traffic with shopping, and after several checks of myself and the helpdesk of Google there is no major issue.
However, even if all the campaigns have the samen settings, the google shopping campaign in Germany received only a several clicks a day. In March this was 1 ~ 2 clicks a day, with an average cpc of about EUR. 0,02.
Shopping Germany
Average clicks a day 1 ~ 2
Average impressions a day 50 ~ 200
Daily Budget is EUR. 30
CPC benchmark EUR. 0,36
CPC bid EUR. 0,46
First impression, higher the bid, so I did.
After doing this the cpc was between EUR. 0,01 and EUR. 0,54 but the impressions and click still didn't increase, and the the lost impression share was still the same (around 46%). This means that following the metricses I already reach about 50% of the German population who is searching for my products. Wich is weird if you see the data of the Netherlands and the United Kindom.
the Netherlands daily budget of EUR. 30
~ 4.000 impressions a day
~ 120 clicks a day
~ EUR. 0,16 a day
~ Lost impression share 70%
the United Kingdom daily budget of EUR. 30
~ 1.500 impressions a day
~ 50 clicks a day
~ EUR. 0,13 a day

~ Lost impression share 70%



If we analyze this data, it means that we already have a coverage of ~50% of the German market with an average of ~100 impressions a day, which is realy low for a country of a population of ~82.000.000 people. Ofcourse I looked in or my shopping ads apear, and it did on exact matches like "Name beer + name webshop" or occasionaly on "Name beer".


After using the keywords tool, I discovered soms spikes in search volumes on terms like "craft beer" etc. So I had added this kind of keywords in the title description feed. 


Didn't had any effect, and my ads didn't appear on this kind of search terms (well my competitors did). After calling AdWords the helpdesk in the Netherlands, Ireland, Germany and even in the United States, I received answers like:

- higher your bid (which i did and didn't effect anything in traffic)

- change campaign priority to high (which also didn't do anything)

- change bidding strategy to enchanced CPC (no effect at all)


After phone call #11 with Google AdWords (Germany), I received the tip to increase my Product descriptions. So I made a script that every descriptions included the product description + category descriptions which the product fell under.


Following effect:

~ 200 impressions a day

~ 4 clicks a day

~ 50% lost impression share 


Because of the large descriptions my products include keywords like:

- Craft Beer - 18.000 search volume

- Speziell bier - 5.000 search volume

- Englisches bier - 4.000 search volumes

- etc. and etc.


Still my ads don't appear on keywords like this while my competitors do in Germany. And I still have a traffic of ~4 clicks a day.


In the AdWords account of the Netherlands and the United Kingdom most traffic comes from shopping while in Germany the traffic only comes from search campaigns. This campaigns bid on keywords which we have also in the description. Impressions and clicks in the campaigns are limitless while the shopping campaign isn't receiving any traffic at all.


Help me please!




low traffic google shopping campaign Germany

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner

Excellent post @Robin-Paul M. Smiley Happy


"...the lost impression share was still the same (around 46%)."


Lost impression share due to rank, or budget?


"After using the keywords tool, I discovered some spikes in search volumes on terms like "craft beer" etc. So I had added this kind of keywords in the title description feed."


That's definitely the right approach to further optimizing the feed, but - What about the actual search terms? What are the most valuable search terms from the Germany search campaign(s)?

Could there maybe be some kind of disconnect from the focus KW's and the actual search terms, with the German language audience, that is not as drastic for the other two markets?


low traffic google shopping campaign Germany

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Hey Tom,


Thanks for the compliment! but still, despite of the mentioned disconnect between keywords and the german audience, how can it be possible that competitors all appear on keywords like "craft beer" and many others and we don't?


The buget is practicly the same, but it doesn't hit the daily budget at al (due it's 1 ~ 4 clicks a day). The average position is something yout can't see in AdWords (common to my knowlegde :-O)


Beyond this search terms my ads also doesn't appear (better formulated rarely appear) on valuable search terms like "leffe beer" and hundreds of others. 


In the other campaigns, the search campaigns, alle this keywords receive lot's of traffic...


It doesn't make any sense...


Here below an example of a product within my feed


<title>Craft Beer - Steenbrugge - Tripel - 33cl</title>
Craft Beer - 800 verschiedene Biersorten - dein Craft Beer Shop. Dieses wunderbar ausgeglichene Tripel hat alle Aromen, die man von einem Tripel erwarten darf. Eine angenehme Fruchtnote und eine leichte, malzige Süße halten sich wunderbar in der Waage. Vor allem im Nachtrunk schmeckt das kräftige, blumige Hopfenaroma sehr gut durch. Durch den hohen Alkoholgehalt gibt dieses Bier ein warmes Mundgefühl und das Prickeln der Kohlensäure sorgt für ein frisches Geschmackserlebnis. Brauerei Palm Die Ursprünge dieser berühmten Brauerei in Steenhuffel, Belgien, lassen sich bis in das Jahr 1597 zurückverfolgen. Die inzwischen an mehreren Standorten produzierende Brauerei ist vor allem für ihr Bier Speciale Palm bekannt, mit dem sie allen modernen Pilstrends zum Trotz weiterhin Bier im traditionellen Stil braut. Neben dem Speciale Palm gehören auch andere Sorten wie das Dobbel Palm, das Palm Royale und das Palm Hop Select zur Produktpalette. Auch die Marken Brugge, Steenbrugge, Rodenbach und Boon gehören zu Palm. Belgisches Bier Belgien kennt eine sehr reiche Biertradition mit vielen einzigartigen Biersorten und einem ganzen Schatz an Brauereien. Viele Jahre stand der Begriff „belgisches Bier“ für alles, was ein bisschen außer der Reihe und vor allem kein Pils war. Die belgischen Brauer haben viele Entwicklungen in der Bierwelt vorangetrieben. In Belgien sind bekannte Biersorten wie Dubbel, Tripel, belgisches Weißbier, Kriek und Saison beheimatet. In der Zeit, als die belgischen Biere international an Beliebtheit gewannen (vor allem im 20. Jahrhundert), waren es vor allem die Belgier, die durch Innovationen und das Brechen von Traditionen der Bierwelt eine neue Richtung gaben. Heutzutage assoziieren wir das belgische Bier wiederum gerade mit traditionellen (vielleicht sogar ein bisschen altmodischen) Bieren. Dabei haben sich auch die Belgier in den vergangenen Jahren an neue Experimente gewagt.
<g:custom_label_0>Steenbrugge - Tripel - 33cl</g:custom_label_0>
<gSmiley Tonguerice>2.99</gSmiley Tonguerice>
<g:availability>in stock</g:availability>
<gSmiley Tongueroduct_type>Belgisches Bier > Palm</gSmiley Tongueroduct_type>
<gSmiley Tonguerice>17.99</gSmiley Tonguerice>
Nahrungsmittel, Getränke & Tabak > Getränke > Alkoholische Getränke > Bier


low traffic google shopping campaign Germany

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner

Even though you don't have an average position column for shopping, you still get data for both impression share columns. At this point, it sounds like a low bid / lost impression share due to rank issue. Everything else is just a wild guess. Smiley Happy 


low traffic google shopping campaign Germany

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Increased the bid enormously (from ~€0,36 ==> ~€1,08) but still no / low traffic. The only thing what changed was my cost per click...

So that's also not the solutions for the problem :-S



low traffic google shopping campaign Germany

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Badged Google Partner

When you setup the Germany campaign did you copy settings from an existing campaign? Since your current issue is lack of impression volume, make sure that you don't have any ad scheduling, device, or location bid adjustments. Double check that if you are using remarketing your not using target and bid. Go through all your settings, and just double-check that there is nothing which could be restricting your impressions.


low traffic google shopping campaign Germany

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I have experienced exactly this.  Even after specialist help with the German.