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items not showing up in the right listing google shopping

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My Problem.PNG I come up the first but why am i not in the same listing as everyone else why do i come up myself its costing me 10 times as much because of that 

PS: some items are good some items are not.


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Re: items not showing up in the right listing google shopping

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currently, there is no method to force an item to show with a group.

generally, compare-prices is dynamic based on the search-terms and
other features selected by users and the accuracy of all data submitted.

for example, longer-tail search-terms may show specific individual items.

to help improve the probability that products might be grouped,
be certain to submit high-quality information as defined by google.

for example, the accuracy and quality of all global-trade data
(mpn, gtin, brand), as assigned by the brand-manufacturer,
to the exact product item-offer being sold.

global-trade-data that is assigned by the brand-manufacturer must
be identical across all merchants selling the item -- try re-checking
the product-packaging for valid and accurate global-trade data.

for example, be certain to submit an accurate google_product_category
value that is exact and conforms to the most recent category updates.

for example, condition may effect how items are grouped.


also, check the individual item after processing -- by clicking on the item's

title under the products tab -- to be certain that the processed data exactly

matches the submitted data, physical item, and the website landing-page.

although compare-prices is likely dynamic based on the search-terms used
and the accuracy and quality of all data submitted, google has not to-date
published any details or requirements for entry, and in no way guarantees
entry into or isolation from the compare-products groupings.

however, forum members can mainly offer suggestions;
as was indicated, google has not yet divulged any details
related to how ads are grouped, displayed, or formatted --
despite being asked many many times before.

also, google may continuously update the product-listing-ad
display and format, so such details may change at any time.


apart from any groupings, other potential strategies include

adjusting the bidding or ad-schedules, so that the items may

appear lower in ad-position or less often in the ad-auctions.


as an aside, google-shopping is mainly for retail-items and retail-merchants
with physical on-hand inventory -- wholesale supply-chains are generally not
allowed and such items may not be listed or may not be listed properly in the

existing groupings if submitted; if the items are primarily wholesale then, there

are many other campaign-types and ad-formats that are available and may be

a much better fit for advertising such items.