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item warnings on shopping products in Google Merchant ?

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i did upload a manually Feed with my items before do in past i did upload my all procuts but there was alot of error so i delete all feed and items , my merchant was empty and now i upload the 38 items and it shows me pending Plus show me this "  ITEM UPLOADED THROUGH MULTIPUL FEED  " then it show me my item's id i used ! in past i used different id and now i give them different id name !


please tell me what should i do

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Re: item warnings on shopping products in Google Merchant ?

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generally, never ever delete the registered feed
unless a person at google indicates to do so.

the id for an item should also never ever change once assigned.


a best-practice for id values is to use a mix of both letters and numbers; e.g.

the normal process is to simply use the same feed for all updates;
use the same registered products-feed file for any and all changes,
additions, or deletions -- any missing items from the feed will be
considered a delete and items are tracked by id.

simply make any updates to the feed and re-upload using the same feed.


if there are any errors or warnings that need correction --

simply make the corrections in the same feed and then

re-upload the same feed.


otherwise, the one registered feed must be re-uploaded at least monthly --

or whenever a change to the website or physical in-stock inventory occurs.

at this point, forward, simply be certain there is only one, single,
products data feed (file name) registered with google, under the
products-feeds-tab of the merchant-center-account --

then, use that same, single, registered feed for any and all future updates.

fix any id values within the one, single, registered feed and re-upload;
then never change that id once assigned to the physical inventory item,

ever again -- physical inventory items are tracked by id.


then, those specific warnings about id may simply be ignored.

google takes approximately three-business-days to review items
for any issues or policy violations -- during that time, the items
will usually remain pending or under review.

then, google will also crawl the landing-page and website to be certain the
submitted data reflects the landing-page details and the website, business,

business-model, inventory, supply-chain, etc., conform to all google's rules,

requirements, and policies.


google may re-review and flag an item, feed, landing-page,

website, account, business or related advertiser, at any time.

as an aside, rather than using a manual-feed, if an e-commerce system is
being used, many e-commerce systems have an automated system that

may be better for uploading the store's product-inventory details to google's
merchant-center -- if so, then the best likely course would be to contact that
e-commerce system's support organization for help and guidance.