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inconsistent shipping costs between the feed and the landing page

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Goolge has suspend my account because the shipping rates calculated by my store and the rates google calculates are different.  The problem is Google does not calculate dimensional shipping rates just weight based.  Has anyone else had this problem and been able to come up with a solution?  I talked with google for 2+ hours yesterday and they dont seem to have a solution for me.  The shipping rate on my store is very close to the rate calculated by UPS on the UPS quote app on but Googles calculation is about half of both.  Any help with this will be appreciated.





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inconsistent shipping costs between the feed and the landing page

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shipping must be either exactly accurate or an overestimate.

the choices typically are:

either (a) remove all such items from the feed to
avoid a permanent suspension flag, at any time.

or (b) be certain to set shipping for such items as an overestimate --
for example, by an adjustment in the settings, or using some combination
of api's to integrate shipping with the website and automatically insert an

adjusted shipping setting in the merchant-center account, or set shipping

values per-item -- as the overestimate.


inconsistent shipping costs between the feed and the landing page

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Hi Celebird,


Thanks.  In this case My store is almost double what google is calculating, so my stores calculation is an "overestimate" as compared to google.  Google calculates carrier based rates on weight and zip code only.  My store is calculating based on weight, zip, and package size or "dimensional weight".  Therfore my store is most cases 2x the google estimate.


Re: inconsistent shipping costs between the feed and the landing page

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first, you're welcome.


google should be calculating shipping-cost based on weight and dimensions
if all the rules and the related policies are being followed -- for example, all

four package-shipping attributes must be submitted, must be accurate, and

must contain a number, space, and supported unit -- for example, all units

submitted must be the same unit-of-measure.


also, be certain there are no inconstancies between what is
displayed on the site and what is actually being paid by users.


posting all the attributes being submitted for one or two items,
screen-captures of the item's shipping-calculator as seen within
the products-list-tab of merchant-center-account, any related
shipping-settings, especially the shipping-origin, the specific
landing-page links for a few items being flagged, etc., here in
public, may allow others to offer more specific suggestions.


asking google directly for examples or samples

of items and suggested changes may also help.


generally, if the flag is only a warning, and the actual and displayed shipping
costs are less that what google is calculating, there is usually no policy issue --
however, a two-fold overestimate seems large and google is the final arbiter

of all policies.


some types of items are simply not a good match for shopping-ads --
other campaign-types and ad-formats may be better for advertising
certain types of item-offers.


inconsistent shipping costs between the feed and the landing page

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Hi Again,


Can you send me documentation on the Google Content API where you can set the dimension of the item being shipped?  I have talked to customer support and they can not give me a solution.  Shopify (my ecomm platform) lets me set a default shipping box size and it submits that size and the product weight when calculating the shipping, google does not allow the size of the object to be submitted when calculating the shipping rate.  This is why google is not calculating the correct rate for my products.  Alos, I have been running these shopping ads for years until last week.


Below are screenshots for the same product 


My Store Checkout and shipping estimate


UPS Rate Estimator With Same Product Info


Google Estimate of Sipping For Same Product


GMC Shipping Settings For UPS


inconsistent shipping costs between the feed and the landing page

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I have found another issue, and this may be the root of the problem.  When I quote shipping on it is 40% more than what GMC estimates for the same weight and zip codes.  You can see it in these images. 


GMC Shipping Estimate Shipping Quote


The product weighs 116 lbs and is being shipped from 73118 to 10011.  GMC estimates the UPS Ground rate is $83.63, and quotes the price at $143.43.  In this instance there is no idea of dimensional weight just weight. 


This is very frustrating because GMC is saying my company would have to loose money to enable shopping ads again.


Can anyone help?

Re: inconsistent shipping costs between the feed and the landing page

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first, thank you for the screen-captures and added information.

(a) if there is has been a disapproval or other policy-flag raised by google,
regardless of the behavior of the carrier-calculations, and the issue cannot
be resolved using any existing method -- such as changes to the website, or
changes to the submitted-data, or to the merchant-center-account's shipping

settings, then the policy-issues must be resolved with a person at google.

(b) often, there are obvious issues with either the data being submitted, or
how shipping is set within the account; for example, submitting invalid values,
using the shipping_label attribute improperly, or configuring multiple services
when google only ever uses the lowest shipping-cost, etc. -- such issues can

usually be resolved, here in the public-forum, with enough posted information.

otherwise, such discrepancies between carries' quotes and google's calculations
have been indicated many times before -- so far, google has not indicated that
any such issue is actively being worked; the best likely course is usually to
simply be certain that whichever shipping details are used, the results are
either exactly accurate, or a reasonable overestimate, with respect to, what
all users within the target-country will actually pay, what is displayed on the

website, and any structured-data on the website landing-pages, for the exact

item-offer that is being sold and shipped.

otherwise, such items must be removed to avoid a more permanent policy-flag --
there are other ad-formats and campaign-types that may be a better fit for
advertising such items.

(c) this is primarily a peer-to-peer community forum --
reporting such issues directly to google is usually best.


inconsistent shipping costs between the feed and the landing page

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Thanks but you sound like you work for Google.  I have been in contact with Google and they have been very little help thus far.  They told me today (I have been chatting with them for a week now) that GMC has an issue correctly calculating shipping costs and they are looking for a solution and that they will contact me when they have one.  I'm still not sure why this is my problem and my account has been flagged.

inconsistent shipping costs between the feed and the landing page

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It's unfortunate that you are in this position, a word of advice is to try and find a way to add an over estimate to your shopping prices. You can add a value in the courier calculation +row, which should be enough to add an over estimate that covers all prices. Alternatively stop advertising until they fix the issue (which can take a long time even years).

If you continue to submit inaccurate shipping prices, even if its not your fault. Your account will be flagged, regardless of what a Google Rep says.


It is unfair, I know, but this is the unfortunate situation you are in.


My recommendation : simply add a fixed value which is an  overestimate that covers all shipping rates, using the courier rate system. So you have your default courier rate, than add a row of a fixed price, which than is the total shipping price.


Hope it helps.

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