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important update

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coming soon -- changes to shopping policies:

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Re: important update

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Thanks for the heads up @Celebird
Any idea of what policies have actually changed in the new policy center?
It's difficult to compare old and new, especially as I'm not as super familiar with them as some may be.

Anything that jumps out at you?

Re: important update

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first, you're welcome.

mainly, the policies become more in alignment
with all google's advertising-related products.

the wording changes but the essence remains the same.

for example, currently, landing-page and item policies
forbid duplication -- that becomes a requirement for

uniqueness and an abuse of the ad network if there
is duplication (has little unique value).

typically, such announcements are followed by
an updated push of the policy detection systems,
with a corresponding increase in (warnings about)
policy violations to give merchants time to update
submitted inventory data, images, and websites --
but nothing has been announced in this regard.


see also


Re: important update

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Thank You @Celebird Smiley Happy

Re: important update

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Thanks @Celebird
So pretty much what happened when AdWords moved to policy 2.0 then. Appreciate you taking the time to clear that up.

No doubt we'll be hearing a lot more about the intricacies once the automated systems start pushing this out.

Re: important update

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Thank you for sharing, Celebird! Helpful as always.