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how to create new product category

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This would take me years.  How do I link 30k products to some relevant goolge product category?

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Re: how to create new product category

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for which attribute exactly?

(1) google_product_category

for google_product_category simply use the highest level, broad,
but exact, google-defined, taxonomy value that best categorizes
the physical item or how the physical item might be used and is
allowed by google; there is no need to use a specific low-level
taxonomy value if none exists.
Office Supplies > General Supplies

new categories for google_product_category cannot be created or
submitted; the value submitted must be exactly as google defines.

google_product_category simply helps google determine which attributes are
required for the type of item; for example, apparel clothing requires color --
so, while a more specific taxonomy value is usually best and recommended,
only a broad, high-level, value is needed.

google_product_category must simply match a google-defined value exactly.

(2) product_type

for product_type you may use just about any value you wish.

product_type may be used to more exactly define the taxonomy of
the item using just about any taxonomy value or values you wish.

however, product_type is used in a shopping-campaign by google;
so, using simple, plain, (ascii) text with standard capitalization and
navigational-breadcrumbs for each sub-category is usually best;
Paper Supplies > Forms

importantly, if a google_product_category does not exist that
fits the category of item being sold, then that can sometimes
indicate that the type of product is simply not allowed and
cannot be submitted; if so, submitting such items is grounds
for disapproval or suspension, at any time.

for example, items that are otherwise available for free are not allowed.

see also

Re: how to create new product category

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How do you match 30k products to the google taxonomy in under a year?

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Re: how to create new product category

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how is the feed and inventory data being maintained?

for what type of physical items?