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google shopping suspended???

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Had an email last night from google shopping saying;


Your account is suspended due to a violation of our Terms of Service and Google Shopping Policies.

suspended from;

product ads

product search

search api



Though it does not state which policy its violating! We have been running the same feed for well over 6 months going to the same legit ecommerce website.


As far as we can see the feed ticks all the boxes on being correct with all the right data and see nothing wrong with our website (data quality is fine)


Is there something new over the last few days that could have made this happen? we have spoken to google but its only been passed on, though in the meantime we are losing ££££ every day until its resolved.


anything we could try??

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September 2015

Re: google shopping suspended???

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Hi Kes


Disapproval can be from your feed or the website itself. It can happen at any time no matter how long the feed has been running. 


Community members unfortunately cannot comment on individual cases as we do not have access to your information. The only option available to you if to contact Google and ask for further details. 


You can do so by direct reply to the email, if the email has been asigned to a specialist already, there would be a ticket number found on the subject of the email.


If not, then please complete this form.


Disapproval Request Information


Once you have information made available to you, we may be able to assist you further.


Tom Wilson
Freelance Adwords & Google Shopping Consultant

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