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google shopping campaign not displaying

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Can anyone please help me?


My google shopping campaign which i have recently set up is not displaying and has zero impressions over the past few days. i would be really grateful if someone could advise why this might be and suggest how i can put it right.


Some things to note:

The feed is active with no warnings or error notices. The feed is also linked to adwords

We have waited 72 hours plus for the campaign to start and still nothing

The maximum cost per click set is on the high side, so bidding should not be an issue

the description of the products is very relavent and similar copy by our competitors gives them a 1st page impression

The products we sell are personalised, so do not have GITN numbers and we have assigned unique Id's & MPN numbers

the product group is Posters, Prints & Visual Artwork (500044)

the photography of the items is of a very good standard and the products are not covered by any restrictions by google and have no text on them

we are not running any text based ads in adwords

i am wondering if it could be due to the product type entered or that i have assigned unique ID's & MPN numbers


If you need any more information, please let me know


i would be really appreciative of some advice & solutions



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Re: google shopping campaign not displaying

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What kind of targeting parameters do you have on the campaigns in AdWords? Are there any location bids, remarketing lists, or other audiences being targeted? Do you have any product filters in place on the campaigns? When you go into a campaign and click on the products tab, is it displaying the correct products? Are there any account wide negative keyword or location lists that could be impacting this? Are you able to trigger any of the PLA's by searching their exact titles?

I know that's a lot of questions, but in cases where there are no impressions, no disapprovals and the feed is healthy that usually indicates some kind of issue in AdWords with the campaign. For instance, Video Shopping Campaigns have been broken since launch, if you apply a product filter to any video shopping campaign then it stops showing entirely. Or if you added a customer email list or remarketing list but had it set to "Target and Bid" you can accidentally have narrowed your audience to the point that the ads never get triggered.

Hopefully this pointed you in the right direction, if not we'll see what else could be up.

Have you called AdWords support about this?

Re: google shopping campaign not displaying

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Thanks for the reply. We don't have any targeting parameters on other than for the UK as a country. We are not doing remarketing.
The correct products are displayed in the products tab, yet we can't trigger the ads by searching their exact titles. We do have some negative keywords detailed, but they are ones that are not remotely relevant to the product.

We have contacted adwords support, and are awaiting a response also

any further help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: google shopping campaign not displaying

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various account-settings may block items from showing --
but primarily, items show based on the bid and quality.

items must have a searchable-status within the merchant-center
and match an active product-group, before being assigned a bid.


as to quality --

the physical inventory, link landing-page, website, e-commerce,
all submitted data, business, business-model, supply-chain, etc.,
must all meet google's rules and policies -- otherwise, the items
may be disapproved or removed from the listings, at any time.

although title and description are rather critical, most all the
attributes submitted are considered with respect to quality.

there are many rules and policies with respect to bespoke,
customized, items that must be followed -- for submitted
data, physical inventory, and on the website.

valid global-trade-data (gtn, mpn, brand) must be submitted only
if valid global-trade-data have been assigned by the manufacturer --
merchant-assigned global-trade-data is never allowed and is
grounds for items being removed, disapproval, or suspension.

items without the required, proper, and valid global-trade-data --
as assigned by the brand-manufacturer to the exact item sold --
must be submitted with the identifier_exists attribute set FALSE
without any brand, mpn, or gtin values, whatsoever.

generally, hand-inspect all account settings, all submitted (feed) data,
the entire website, and any microdata on the website, against all the
current rules, policies, specifications, guidelines, and recommendations.

the submitted image should be the exact item
being sold and shipped and impacts quality.

all items submitted as in stock must be available for purchase on
the website and physically within the merchant's on-hand inventory.


only one item-offer with one price

should be on the link landing-page.

the submitted item's price must exactly match the price
on the link landing-page and the price during checkout.


as to overall status --

first, check the main dashboard within the
merchant-center for overall account status

and for any messages from google.

also, check the individual item's status by clicking
on the product-item's title, under the products-tab.

also, check the current-issues section under the diagnostics-tab for
specific account, data-feed, and items (website) issues -- by clicking
on each of the blue-boxed or flagged errors, warnings, or notifications.

generally, direct searches cannot be used to verify products can be seen.

to verify products are showing, be certain to inspect the impression data
directly within the shopping-campaign, rather than any actual searches --
which can be skewed, adversely effect long-term auction performance, rank,
and cost-per-click, by lowering click-through-rates as no positive actions
are taken when the ads are shown, and do not necessarily show what

others may be seeing.

text-based-ads are certainly allowed to be used at the same time
as product-listing-ads and are irrelevant to items showing or not.


competitors may use different bid strategies, submit higher
quality data overall, have a higher quality landing-page and
website, have much better historic click-through-rates, and
use very different account-level settings -- all of which are
outside the scope of what is visible within search-results,
so generally cannot be used as a direct comparison.

otherwise, a merchant-center product-listing-ads support-specialist
at google may be contacted directly for account-specific guidance.