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google merchant for Canada

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My product price is USD,  the feed use CAD according bank exchange rate,  but it disapprove "Preemptive item disapproval enabled for policy or data violation: inaccurate prices (due to inconsistent pricing between the feed and the landing page)"


Not know what to do now..   anyone can help?    Thanks you!

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google merchant for Canada

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that sounds correct.


any automated-currency-conversion by merchants is generally not allowed --
regardless of any accuracy or precision with respect to any bank-exchange-rate.

generally, there are two choices with respect to supporting a target-country --

(a) use google's automated-currency-conversion with a multi-country-feed,
that is added by using the primary-feed's settings, in the merchant-center.


google then generates the multi-country-feed automatically --
there is no actual feed-data that is submitted by the merchant.


if the language of the targeted-country does not match the language of
the primary-feed's landing-page, then a supplemental-feed is (also) required,
and must be submitted by the merchant, with human-translated data.

or (b) submit a separate primary-feed per target-country --
only if the landing-pages, on the website, uses fixed-prices
in a supported-currency and have human-translated pages
in a supported-language, of the targeted-country.

the website must have separate landing-pages, per country,
with fixed-prices in a supported-currency, and have human
translated pages for the language, of the targeted-country,
before an additional primary-feed may be created or submitted;

note that both automated-currency-conversion
and automated-machine-language-translation are
not allowed on the landing-page, for option (b).

importantly, regardless of which option is chosen, (a) or (b) --
the landing-page details must be identical for all users,
regardless of where the user is physically located and

regardless of user-specific details, such as a browser,

user-agent, device, ip-address, etc.

that said, this is mainly a public, peer-to-peer, community forum --
forum-members cannot look into any submitted data or accounts.