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google merchant centre

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Hi All

I have connected my feed to the merchant centre, diagnostics are ok, 

the feed is successful

but there are no products showing.

There are item warnings - do I need to fix these ? and how do I do this?

Thank you



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Re: google merchant centre

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Hi Kris,

When did you do all of this? If you submit your items for the first time to a particular target country for Google Shopping, it may take up to 3 business days for your items to be reviewed.

You can use the feed debugger to check for erros:

You should check on your "Products" tab if you have the status as "Searchable". This may help:

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: google merchant centre

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whether item warnings need to be, or should be, fixed
depends on the warning details -- too many warnings
or certain types of warnings can result in low quality,

or trigger an eventual disapproval, or delay a review.

how to fix errors or warnings depends on how the submitted inventory
(feed) data is being managed -- issues are usually fixed either within the
submitted data (feed), or on the website, or some combination of both.

as was indicated, be certain the items have a searchable status,
are matching a product-group, and are being assigned a bid
in an active shopping-campaign, under the linked account --

the entire process can sometimes take 24-72 hours or so.

otherwise, results in the ad auctions depend on the bid and quality --
only items with enough quality and bid that win a slot in the auctions
will be seen.

generally, verify results by checking clicks and impressions data in
the account or by using the ad-preview-tool -- not by live searches.

otherwise, forum members cannot look into the feed or account --
but a support-specialist may be contacted directly for guidance.


see also


Re: google merchant centre

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I know this is maybe an obvious answer, please ensure your Adwords account is linked to Merchant.

Fixing all the warnings will improve the data quality.

Also you bidding can effect you position. Ensure you have allocated sufficient CPC and Budget to the shopping Campaign.
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