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google merchant center Size not recognized

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Hello I am getting so frustrated. I didn't have any issue with "size" before but now in my feed it says - Size not recognized. It is flagging the configurable clothing products that I have. I have had the size listed as "Various" for many items that have small, medium, large etc under them but now Google Merchant Center under diagnostics flags it as a "Notification" I cant find the page that shows the allowed variables any where in Google. I once had it but cant find it now. I don't know why Google is flagging it when it didn't before?

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Re: google merchant center Size not recognized

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size must be appropriate for the exact single item-offer being sold,
must only be one single value, and should accurately reflect the exact
physical size being sold -- especially for apparel clothing related items.

the patterns that may be used as a guide for a valid value are currently here:

if the item comes in various sizes (variants) then,
either (a) the variant items must be submitted per all the variant policies --
including identical item_group_id values for all items in the variant group,
at least one valid variant attribute and valid value that is unique across all
items in the variant group, a unique link landing-page that uniquely selects
the exact variant being sold, etc.
or (b) only the default variant on the landing-page may be submitted;
or (c) such variant (sized) items cannot be submitted, at all.

also, if microdata (automatic item updates) is set in the account then, the
website's microdata (rich-snippets) must also reflect the merchant-center
rules and policies for variants.

the automated rules and policies detection systems are constantly being
improved and updated; such values and items may be flagged at any time --

such flagged items may have their quality lowered in the auctions, removed

from the listings, disapproved or, if not fixed in a timely manner, can trigger

a suspension from the program.


see also



Re: google merchant center Size not recognized

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Ok thanks for the info. It almost seems like I need a full time person just to keep up with the changes and to "fix" my web site all the time just to stay on top of all the Google changes. I mean how does Google expect anyone to keep up and participate on a practical level. And to be honest I don't even see really what returns I get from the submitting of my products in terms of sales. It's a lot of work. I am running Magento as my shopping cart engine. And the products in question are "Configurable Products" which is the master sort of speak and the variants under it are "Simple Products" but they are not "visible" so if they get listed Google flags them. So I am not sure how to do this. Plus the sending of products to Google is done with an extension. Also the link you sent me is different then the one I saw before. But maybe this is why things are flagged now because Google changed it.

Re: google merchant center Size not recognized

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first, you're welcome.

item_group_id and variant attributes such as size with valid values
and variant product requirements for submitted (feed) data and on
the website (link landing-pages) have existed for quite some time;
generally, strict enforcement does lag somewhat -- usually to allow
merchants time to implement such changes on the website and
within the submitted data; so, being flagged may be delayed.

currently, the best likely place to keep informed of such changes
is within the official blog; the merchant-center-help documentation,
here in the official help forum, within the accounts, and the email
that is registered in the account-settings, are also good places to
check on a regular basis.

as to return-on-investment, there are technical and people resources
available to look into the account to help improve the campaign and
the bidding-strategy for the ad auctions, so the results might be better
aligned with your overall adverting goals and budget.

improving the feed's quality is one simple way that can help improve results --
generally, performance and results are a combination of the bid and quality.

as an aside, be certain that items are not being listed from multiple venues;
e.g. a marketplace such as ebay and a private website -- that can drastically
reduce performance in the auctions and is also a policy violation that can be
flagged with a disapproval or suspension from the program, at any time.

as to magento (simple and configurable products) and incorporating
proper item_group_id and size values, the best likely course would
be to ask whoever is supporting your specific version of megento,
or whoever is supporting the current megento-extension being used,
or within the megento-community-forums.


that said, there are other campaign-types and ad-formats

that do not have the same stringent requirements.

see also

Re: google merchant center Size not recognized

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Ok maybe I need to clarify some things. I am not asking questions specifically about Adwords. My main issue is with the Diagnostics under Google Merchant Center. This is where I see the "Notification". My web site or shopping cart pages have been exported to Google via an extension for Google Shopping Api V2 It took me many days 11+ to get this new version sorted. Due all the Google changes\requirements. Once sorted I only had issues remaining concerning "Missing microdata for condition" which no one could help me get figured out because when I pull the item(s) in question it says or shows the condition. Now aprox 2 weeks later I visit Google Merchant Center and it is also showing "Notification" issues for "Size not recognized" even though size is shown. 


I see that the pages flagged are Configurable Items under Magento. The size is listed as Various and the Simple items which are hidden pages are for Large, Medium, Small etc but because they are hidden the page gets flagged as 404 by Google Merchant Center so I removed them. Now the only page submitted is the parent page which 2 weeks ago was ok but now Google seems to have an issue with? Even though size is shown as Various just like the other pages where condition shows as New. I mean come on New has to be an accepted condition but Google Merchant Center has a Notification" under Diagnostics as - Missing microdata for condition even though its there? Here is one of the items -


Id - 910_1
price  -$35.00
availability - In stock
description -
★ 100% Brand New! Never Tried On!★ All Over Print and Jewel Long Sleeve Button Up Thermal Shirt★ Manufacturer: Flair Collection★ Material: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex★ Color: Mineral Grape
expiration date - Jun 8, 2015 5:00 pm PDT
age group - adult
brand - Flair Collection
color - Blacks
condition - new
gender - female
google product category - Apparel & Accessories > Clothing > Shirts & Tops
product type - > Root Catalog > Women's Clothing
shipping weight - 0.9 lb
size - Various
id - 910_1


Re: google merchant center Size not recognized

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(1) microdata must be disabled in the account --
under the automatic-item-updates settings.


if microdata is enabled in the account then, the
proper merchant-center micodata must exist
on the website or is otherwise a policy violation.

(2) generally, the description must be all plain text
and must only describe the physical item without
any proportional text or symbols -- or is otherwise
a policy violation and may also confuse the feed's
automated processing for other attributes such as

new must be for an item from the factory, only.

'various' cannot be used as a valid size value --
size must correspond to the exact item being sold;
similarly, with color -- blacks is not a valid value.

only one value is allowed for a color or a size value;





for variant (apparel clothing) items, the link landing-page

value should pre-select the exact size and color of the

exact item-offer being sold and shipped to the customer;

unfortunately, forum members cannot look into feeds or accounts --
we can mainly offer suggestions based on the information posted
here within the public forum.

as to how exactly to submit the proper information using magento,
the best likely course would be to contact whoever is supporting
that version of magento or possibly ask in the magento forums.


Re: google merchant center Size not recognized

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Thank you, so what about condition it says new. Which is an accepted value and its being flagged even though its there?

Re: google merchant center Size not recognized

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first, you're welcome.

the description value seems to contain (star) symbols
which is a policy violation -- and can stop or prevent
proper processing of other data such as condition.

similarly, 100% Brand New! Never Tried On! is not allowed.

also, be certain the condition value is exactly
without any extra spaces or empty blank characters.

however, forum members cannot look into the account or data.

if the data is a feed then, try downloading the file within the feeds
tab of the account and inspect the file within a browser; also, check
the products-tab (processed) data by clicking on the item's title.

if the data is submitted via the api then, check
the api-diagnostics tab for any possible hints.

also, if the data is being submitted using magento,
the magento-forums may have other merchants
who might have seen the same similar issue when
submitting their data via magento.

Re: google merchant center Size not recognized

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Ok can you point me to the web that says - similarly, 100% Brand New! Never Tried On! is not allowed. Why cant that be listed? It is pulling it direct from the description on the web page I am not putting this in manually. Also I have 395 other products and none of them are flagged? Plus all of my items are new and only 58 are flagged for condition? All of this is pulled from templates so I don't get why only some have issues. I have been trying very hard for over 2 months now to get to the bottom of this and I really appreciate your help! All of my products are active and approved so thankfully these issues are only notifications but I would still like to correct them if possible.

Re: google merchant center Size not recognized

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stars and other symbols can effect processing.

the description and title can often cause processing issues --
the condition issue is either with the value itself or other values,

such as title and description, interfering with proper processing.

the guidelines that prohibit promotional text are currently here:

if the data is pulled directly from the web-page then,
usually the web-page would need to be changed and
the data resubmitted.

the flagged items may only be examples or samples of issues --
not necessarily all possible items that might be flagged later or

issues that are (adversely) affecting quality in the ad auctions.