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dynamically updated data feeds.

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I thought I was calling in with a simple question: "Why was my merchant account suspended?"


I send tens of thousands of products to the merchant center via multiple accounts. The data changes daily, often hourly. 


I understand that automated product updates are supposed to handle dynamic pricing changes via the structured data on the product pages. However, in practice, this rarely works and I get many 'not performing automatic price update' warnings even though data exists ( verified via Google's Structured Data Testing Tool ).


I also get many policy violations for products that Google thinks are medical or a weapon - the actual products are cleaning supplies, beans, and coffee makers.


The problem is I had one of my accounts suspended today for a 'policy violation', but no additional information was supplied and, again, a list of coffee makers got flagged as medical devices.


The ad rep on the phone had no idea why the account was suspended. We went down the list of items in the diagnostics tab which we he agreed were fine. 


The rep was unable to give any reason for the suspension. He offered to kick it upstream.


The last time I had an issue like this it took 45 days for an answer, which resulted in me just deleting the merchant center account in question, and creating a new one using the same feed. That fixed the problem but that's not a real solution.


Right now I do a scheduled fetch, with updates every four hours. 


I could certainly write some code and do real time API, but that's serious overkill for a problem with a simpler solution.


I'd like to hear from people who have similar issues and how they solved them.


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dynamically updated data feeds.

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First off, you should never have multiple accounts for 1 website.

Second the API is the only way to enable dynamic pricing updates with a frequency more than twice a day.


With medical products, health beneficial products you need to make sure you follow Google's policy and do not make any claims, statements or wonder cures


You should have received an email from Google explaining the reason and supply a solution. If non is given than most likely the suspension is permanent and nothing can be done to active the account again.


I know this sounds silly, but the matter of fact is that you should read Google's Policy and make sure you follow all rules. Not because it's easy to submit products to Google and earn some sales, means you have followed all policies.


Take the time to read and understand the policies as you are the merchant and responsible for all actions.


Hope it helps.

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dynamically updated data feeds.

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I didn't mean to mark this as an answer, because it doesn't even address the question, but there's no way to 'unmark' this as an answer. Maybe someone here can answer that.