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data feed not showing up in google search

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I'm doing something wrong obviously. I have a product called "waterhog classic floor mat" it's a door mat. So I made a product feed and made a shopping campaign and ran the ad. It showed up on the first page and everything seemed great.


Then I realized that not many people type in "waterhog classic floor mat" So when I searched just "Waterhog floor mat" and got rid of the "classic" part of the text it didn't show up in the search on any page. So I though that maybe I should make 4 different ads that had different titles "waterhog classic floor mat","waterhog floor mat", "waterhog mat", "waterhog entrance mat". I made these with different ID# and uploaded it without any errors. Well my original ad "waterhog classic floor mat" now doesn't show up on any page of the search not even the very last 10th page. The only ad that is showing up now is "waterhog floor mat". Why did the original ad that was working fine disappear? why does only 1 of the 4 ads show up at all? the only difference in all the ads are the title and the ID#

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Re: data feed not showing up in google search

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for product-listing-ads, submitting multiple ads for the same item
is simply not allowed -- and is grounds for all ads to be removed
from the auctions, disapproval, and (permanent) suspension from
the program, at any time.

google has a one listing per (physical inventory) item policy.

the best likely course would be to immediately remove all such entries
from the data-feed and be certain there is only one, single, entry (line),
per physical item (in this case, one entry) -- then, resubmit the feed.


note that if the item is available as variants (other sizes or colors),

then those physical inventory items may be submitted -- each with

a separate entry, an identical item_group_id value, and a proper,

relevant, variant attribute (e.g. size, color, material, or pattern) --

with a corresponding landing-page.

that said, google-shopping is a competitive, dynamic, advertising auction.

items show based on the bid and many quality factors --
if an item wins in one of the auctions the item will show.

after the feed is fixed and re-uploaded, be certain the item is still
matching a product-group within an active shopping-campaign

and has been assigned a bid.


given the invalid status of the current feed,

google may take 24-72 hours or so to settle,

after re-submitting the fixed feed.

generally, the way to improve performance is to improve quality --
of the title, description, and the other attributes recommended by

google, per physical item entry (in this case, for now, one).

or, improve the bid strategy.

also, searching for the same item over and over again without
any positive action may indicate to google that the item is not
relevant and so, may be removed from those auctions -- not seen.

always use the click and impression data within adwords
to verify an item is winning in the auctions -- not a search.


as an aside, there are many other ad-formats and

campaign-types that do not have such restrictions.


see also