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content length mismatch

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I am having a hard time getting all my products listed on goggle shopping.  I have the feed set for an automatic download, but it is only pulling a small percentage of my products.  The feed's URL is  There are approx 14,000 items on feed, but when I look at my feeds, it is only showing 2100 products.  There is only one error showing and that is the Content Length mismatch.  How do I correct this?

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Re: content length mismatch

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that error often relates to invalid or missing descriptions --
description should (only) describe the physical item or how
the physical item might be used and must be in plain (ascii)
text, without html, special characters, special symbols or
similar, and without any formatting or any non-standard
(english) punctuation, on one single contiguous line.

for example, line 126, id 287, has no valid description.

that error might also refer to an issue with the website
at the time of the upload; check the website's log-files
against all scheduled upload times.


after all the description issues are fixed

then, try re-uploading the feed manually.

there are other potential issues -- however,
forum members cannot look into accounts.

see also

Re: content length mismatch

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If I run a manual upload, it sees all the products and brings them down. There are a few description errors, but the file shows over 13,000 active products when brought down manually. The problem I am having is that when it is set on a schedule, google only brings down approx 2200 items. the feed looks correct on the backend.

Re: content length mismatch

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first, thank you for the update.

if (only) the scheduled-fetch is not working, look to
the exact feed-schedule, that is set, and the log-files
directly on the web-server, to be certain that both
are responding properly at the time of the fetch --
especially any length related responses.


compare the server's log-file entries to

the data-feed's throughput and size

status, within the feeds.detail page.


if possible, try a different fetch-time and then compare

the feed's status to the corresponding log-file entries --

sometimes servers are (too) busy at different times

and cannot respond properly or fast enough to the

scheduled-fetch requests.

also, be certain to fix the description errors to
avoid a disapproval or suspension, at any time.

otherwise, a support specialist will likely need to be contacted directly.