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choose between many gtin

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We are receiving a "current issue" message regarding GTIN.  It states that GTIN issues should be resolved by 5/16/16.  Does that mean that items without a GTIN will not upload after 5/16/16.  We sell shoes.  If GTIN is truly tied to UPC, each product will have 20+ UPCs because each size of each shoe has a different UPC.  Will I have to load all 20 UPCs into each product?



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Re: choose between many gtin

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each (variant) item submitted must be submitted separately
with exactly one, single, gtin (upc) value per submitted item.

for example, if there are 20 shoe sizes submitted then,
20 individual (variant) items must be submitted that
follow all variant rules and policies -- including
one, single, gtin each, for a total of 20 gtin (upc).

the gtin attribute accepts a valid upc, isbn, ean, itf, or jan, value.

if an item has a valid gtin (upc), as assigned by the manufacturer
to the exact item being sold and shipped then, the valid gtin and
brand must be submitted.

any variants submitted must be submitted as individual items
that adhere to all variant (detailed product) rules and policies.

apparel shoes, have additional rules and policies.

there is no requirement to submit all variant, in stock, inventory items --
however, if a variant is submitted then, each variant must be submitted
with an identical item_group_id and at least one variant attribute with
a unique value for all items in the variant-group.

apparel shoes, require a valid and accurate gtin
and brand value from the manufacturer for all
items submitted -- including all variant items
that differ by a size, color, material, or pattern.


if there are 20 sizes and four colors of the same shoe,

all currently in stock then, 80 potential items would be

submitted, with one gtin (upc) value each (80 total) --

each with an identical item_group_id value.


only a manufacturer can assign valid global-trade-data (e.g. upc, ean) --

generally, google wants the valid gtin (upc) digits, beneath the bar-code,

stamped on the product or package, at the factory, by the manufacturer.

if a valid gtin and brand currently exists then
the valid gtin and brand must be submitted --
otherwise, the item should be removed from
the feed altogether to avoid a disapproval or
a permanent suspension, at any time.

see also