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attribute exception / identifier exists, set too false

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Hi folks,

Can someone please help me, I'm trying to get this problem sorted on the forum but I keep getting redirected to different places on the forum, so I apology's if I have posted this in the wrong place again.

I went onto my dashboard today and noticed all my products have been disapproved, this seems to have started on September the 8th "see images".

I had an attribute exemption set up when I started my website and have my attribute set to FALSE, this was due to the fact that I sell military antiques, the only thing I can find wrong is the two RED Missing required attributes for "colour and size as shown in the images". I don't understand why this is, as like I said I have my attribute set to FALSE so these should be in ORANGE and not RED

I've just done a feed and it has come back as follows,


159 Processed at:
Shopping: 159 / 159 successful

Uploaded at: 10 September 2016 at 08:55:56 BST
Processed at: 10 September 2016 at 08:56:28 BST

Can some kind soul shed some light on it for me please, preferably in laymens terms as I'm a bit dull at the best of times.

Thanks and kind regards.



All-products-affected.jpgActive.jpgDisapproved.jpg7th-September-OK.jpg8th-September-Not-OK.jpgidentifier exists.jpg



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Re: attribute exception / identifier exists, set too false

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first, thank you for the screen-grab.

up-to-date lists of google-defined taxonomy values are here:

the plugin may have an out-of-date list or is using all u.s. values --
as a possible alterative try either a u.s. value or a higher-level value,
which are less frequently changed; also, the plugin looks to require
the value to be escaped, rather than escaping the xml automatically.
so, try one of:
Clothing & Accessories > Clothing > Uniforms
Clothing & Accessories > Clothing
Apparel & Accessories > Clothing > Uniforms
Apparel & Accessories > Clothing

yes, using the same generic category for every product simply
will not work properly and will likely result in a disapproval --
unless all the items submitted are under the same physical
category, which is rather improbable.


submitting only the best-selling items that are all under the same category,
may be one possible temporary solution -- verifying if this plugin can assign
or override a google_product_category value, for each item, would likely be
critical information.

there is likely no one plugin that solves all such issues automatically,
without at least some thoughtful guidance and relevant information
about each physical item being sold -- either derived from the website
landing-page or added directly within the plugin.


if woocommerce is still involved at all, contacting

woocommerce-support directly for guidance and

suggestions may be the best likely course --

especially with respect to a long-term solution.


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Re: attribute exception / identifier exists, set too false

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first, thank you for the details and the screen-captures.

(1) identifier_exists FALSE exempts items only from
the global-trade-data attributes (brand, gtin, mpn) --
if identifier_exists is set FALSE then brand, gtin,
and mpn should not be submitted, at all, for that item.

the identifier_exists exemption has absolutely nothing
whatever to do with color, gender, age_group, or size.

(2) the google_product_category must properly and
accurately categorize the physical item being sold --
and helps determine what is required to be submitted.

both the product_type and google_product_category values must be
relevant and accurate with respect to the physical item being sold.

for example, any google_product_category under:
Clothing & Accessories
requires a proper and exact color, gender, and age_group value
for that item; otherwise, such items simply cannot be submitted.

if the physical item can be accurately categorized as clothing
or related accessories -- such as apparel, jewelry, uniforms, etc., --
then, accurate color, gender, and age_group must be submitted.


Clothing & Accessories > Clothing
also requires a proper size value.

otherwise, simply change the google_product_category value
to be more accurate and relevant for the physical item that is
being sold -- for example:
Home & Garden > Decor > Artwork > Posters, Prints, & Visual Artwork
then, color, gender, age_group, and size, are not required.


all values submitted, including product_type and google_product_category,
must be accurate and relevant with respect to each, specific, physical
item being sold -- generic or irrelevant values are generally not allowed
and may trigger a disapproval or suspension from the program, at any time.

see also


Re: attribute exception / identifier exists, set too false

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Hi and many thanks for your reply.
My goods are military antiques and as such comes under "Custom Goods" as can be seen on the screen grab, I understand where your coming from with your answer but what I don't understand is, if you look at my image it shows the "colour and size" flagged up with a RED TRIANGLE but according to the custom goods it is a "Recommended Attribute" and not a "Required Attribute" so I don't understand why all my products were disapproved.

I can certainly do what you recommend, my shop was built around Wordpress and I can easily set up the attributes in there but is there anything I have to set up in my Google Merchant Centre. and if all this is done how long roughly would it take for my disapprovement  to be reversed.

Thanks again for all your help.




Re: attribute exception / identifier exists, set too false

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first, you're welcome.

custom-goods may still fall under a type of physical item (category)
and must conform to those policy requirements -- google is constantly
updating their policy-detection systems and may flag policy violations,
at any time.

e.g. a custom-made-flower-dress still falls under the google_product_category

Clothing & Accessories > Clothing

Apparel & Accessories > Clothing
and must follow those requirements -- as illustrated in the following example:

for example, according to the information posted here,
the data being submitted to google is indicating that
the physical item is under the google_product_category
of clothing/apparel -- that must be either removed or fixed
with all the corresponding, relevant, attributes so that all
proper, relevant, data is submitted for each physical item.

e.g. clothing is clothing no matter how old;

e.g. an artwork print is an artwork print regardless of age or condition.


for example, simply changing the google_product_category to properly
reflect the artwork print should fix the color and related errors --
Home & Garden > Decor > Artwork > Posters, Prints, & Visual Artwork
then, color, size, gender, and age_group would not be required.


for example, if the physical item is clothing then, the clothing related
attributes -- such as color, size, gender, and age_group -- are required
and must be properly submitted with accurate data, or the item removed.


generally, the physical item must be considered, regardless of age or condition.

if the proper attributes and values are submitted for each physical item,
there should be nothing else to do within the merchant-center-account.

after the proper fixes are completed and submitted, google should
inspect and re-approve the items within about 72-hours or so --
a best-practice is to always check individual product-status under
the products-tab and the overall status under the diagnostics-tab,
about 72-hours after any re-submit.

the diagnostics information is historical and will retain
the disapproval details for about 30-days or so -- even
after the per-item products-tab status has been updated.

otherwise, forum-members can mainly offer suggestions,

based on information posted here within the public forums --
however, a merchant-center shopping-ads support-specialist at
google may be contacted directly for account-specific guidance.

see also


Re: attribute exception / identifier exists, set too false

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As Celebird mentioned, for all apparel products, color, size, age group, gender are all required regardless if identifier is set to false or true.

Simply add the color of the product you are selling, I'm guessing green.

This is required as of 1st of September, making the updates will get your products approved again.

Hope it helps.
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Re: attribute exception / identifier exists, set too false

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(1) in this case, one physical item that was posted
is an artwork print -- not clothing -- so, if the
google_product_category is fixed to reflect
the physical item there is no need for color,
or any other clothing related attribute.

(2) only if the physical item is actually clothing
would the google_product_category be clothing --
and the clothing related attributes be required:
color, gender, age_group, or size


(3) what is required depends on the physical item --

what is submitted must be accurate with respect
to the physical item.


Re: attribute exception / identifier exists, set too false

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Thanks again for your help, just a couple more questions.

These categorys "Home & Garden > Decor > Artwork > Posters" are they automatically generated by Google.

are sizes supposed to be in inches or centimetres or both.

Kind regards.


Re: attribute exception / identifier exists, set too false

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(1) google_product_category values are defined by google.

a submitted value must be exactly as google defines
and accurately categorize the type of physical item --

only google-defined values are allowed to be submitted.


for example, exactly:

Home & Garden > Decor > Artwork

or, exactly:

Home & Garden > Decor > Artwork > Posters, Prints & Visual Artwork


Home & Garden > Decor > Artwork > Posters

is not a valid value and cannot be submitted.


the details depend on the type of physical item

and format of the feed -- xml or tab-delimited.


alternatively, the corresponding google-category-id may be submitted; e.g.

any potential automatic-generation for submitted data

depends on the system being used to submit the data --

not google.


however, category values seen within google-shopping are

automatically generated by google and are not necessarily

exact copies of any submitted data.

(2) size should simply be readable and
accurate for the type of physical item: e.g.
14 inches x 25 inches
38 Regular
12x7x1 cm

see also


Re: attribute exception / identifier exists, set too false

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Thank you very much.


This image is just a test and I take it that it needs altering this item is a world war two German tunic on my website at the moment.

Could you possibly show me how this should be written down please.


Chest. 37" to 38"

Waist. 31" to 32"

Shoulder to Shoulder 17"

Top of collar to Bottom of Jacket 25 3/4"

Top of sleeve to bottom of Sleeve 24 1/2"



Re: attribute exception / identifier exists, set too false

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