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adding products to a category

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I have recently uploaded a lot of products to Google Merchant Centre. They are currently showing as not yet searchable.

Im then trying to create a google shopping ad campaign to display these products, however when I attempt to change the products in the ad campaign, it says none of the categories available have any products attributed to it, and even though I added my products to very specific categories for them to be uploaded to Merchant Centre.

Im not sure how to integrate the contents of GMC and my Google Ad campaign?

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Re: adding products to a category

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a google_product_category value must be exactly
as google defines and relevant with respect to the
physical item being submitted.

a product_type value must use standard > breadcrumbs,
be relevant with respect to the physical product, and use
a taxonomy hierarchy to divide sets of items into groups.

generally, items must usually have a searchable status to be seen

within the linked account's shopping-campaign; the entire process
may sometimes take 24-72 hours or so.


also, be certain items submitted as in stock are actually

in your current, on-hand, physical, inventory -- typically,

out of stock items will not be given a searchable status.

most delays in being assigned a searchable status are triggered by a few issues:
(a) a potential policy violation of an item, image, site, or type of product;
(b) submitted data not adhering to the rules or policies of a target-country;
(c) a recently registered feed or existing feed with unreported (syntax) errors;
(d) an item that has not been updated with respect to the most recent policies;
(e) certain (feed) data updates -- such as a new product or any new id;
(f) a feed that has not been updated (re-uploaded) in over a month;
(g) id values that change or are not unique per-item, or across multiple feeds;
(h) a landing-page or image that cannot be crawled properly, at all times;
(i) a feed submitted too frequently or too often with respect an expiration-date;
(j) any change to a website including images, microdata, content, or structure;

(k) having more than a one registered feed -- only one feed is recommended.

under the diagnostics-tab, under the current-issues section -- try
clicking on the account, feeds, and items, flagged or blue boxes.

also, recheck the individual item's status by clicking
on the item's title under the products-tab and then
clicking on any link under the technical-details area.

if there are any obvious issues, simply make the corrections in
the submitted data or on the website and then, re-upload the
registered feed, before contacting google.


otherwise, forum-members cannot look into data-feeds or account histories --
we would usually need more specific information posted here within the public

forums to offer more specific suggestions.

otherwise, if items remain in a not-yet-searchable status
after 72-hours or so then, google may be contacted directly --