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ZIP and Weight based shipping calculation

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We're building a store for our German customer. Merchant Center connection is done via API. This one is still returning a warning regarding shipping (which is marked as recommeded parameter). Issue is, that client is calculating shipping costs based on destination ZIP, weight and dimensions of package. 


Is there any way how to fix the API connection to accept stream even without shipping information/cost (as these are unkown in advance)?

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Re: ZIP and Weight based shipping calculation

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shipping must be either (a) exactly accurate
or (b) an overestimate, for all submitted items.

if accurate shipping is unavailable then, an overestimate
is required -- otherwise, such items cannot be submitted.

shipping may be either set in the account or submitted per item --
any shipping sent with an item will override all the account-level
shipping settings for that item.

shipping is set per target-country or,
submitted per-item per target-country.

the back-end systems may sometimes take a few hours
or so, before (new) shipping settings are made available.

if account-level shipping is wanted, set, configured, and available,
then, such warnings usually may be ignored for submitted items --

however, be certain to check individual items under the products-tab,
of the merchant-center, to be certain that accurate or overestimated
shipping can be seen by google, after the item is processed.

any weight-based shipping must submit an accurate and valid shipping_weight
per item -- a valid shipping_weight value should include a number, space, and
google-defined unit; e.g.
123.45 g


currently, the dimensional attributes are used by google
only for carrier-calculated rates for u.s. submitted items.

for follow-up questions related to the api,
the content-api forum is currently here --

Re: ZIP and Weight based shipping calculation

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Celebird: thanks a lot for information you provided. Unfortunately this is not clearly mentioned in the official help. We solved that by "overestimating" the shipping cost.