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Your data feed contains a pair of opening/closing...

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Trying to upload a spreadsheet with 16000 lines of products but I keep on getting this error message - anyone know why and how I can fix this...


Your data feed contains a pair of opening/closing XML tags that don't match.

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Re: Your data feed contains a pair of opening/closing...

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generally, a spreadsheet must be re-saved as a
.txt tab-delimited file -- and the feed registered
as, and uploaded as, a .txt tab-delimited file; e.g.

be certain the spreadsheet is not saved as or registered as .xml --
check the re-saved spreadsheet (feed file) in a browser window
to be certain the .txt file data is tab-delimited.

xml from spreadsheets will generally not be accepted.

if the data-feed file is registered as xml and a valid google-xml
data-feed file is submitted then, all closing-tags must exactly
match its most recent opening-tag; for example, the following
would result in a tag-mismatch error:
<g:shipping_weight>0.21 kg</g:shippingweight>

generally, check the errors section under the status-tab
for any potential details -- by clicking on the registered

feed-name under the feeds-tab of the merchant-center;

also, typically, only one live, active, feed should ever be

registered for all inventory items and the registered feed

should never be deleted.

otherwise, forum members cannot look into data-feed or account details --
we would likely need more specific information to offer specific suggestions;
otherwise, a support specialist may be contacted directly.