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Your Merchant Center Account Has Been Suspended

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 Hi everyone,


What does this error message actually mean: "Google Shopping requires that merchants provide transparency into their site and the product that's being promoted. For example, we require merchants to provide users with accurate contact information. '' ?

The website is: .

If anyone has encountered this error message can you please explain what was required to do?

I've fixed the data feed as data quality tab was showing: Invalid images, Capitalized titles, Short Descriptions.


Dear Google Shopping Merchant,
It has come to our attention that your Merchant Center account ID (, ID: XXXXXX) does not comply with our Google Shopping Policies available at
-- Effect on your account
Your Merchant Center account has been suspended and your product listings no longer appear on Google Shopping. Please note that a suspension notification message is also displayed in your Merchant Center account. In addition, related Merchant Center accounts might also get suspended.
-- Policy violations to fix
Your Merchant Center account, ID: xxxxxx) is in violation of the following policies:
Google Shopping requires that merchants provide transparency into their site and the product that's being promoted. For example, we require merchants to provide users with accurate contact information.
This policy is a comprehensive policy that was developed to help protect users from ads, websites, and businesses that appear to be generally deceptive or misleading.
For more information on our User Safety policy, please see
-- What you can do
Here is what you will need to do to get your account reactivated:
1. Please review and make the necessary changes to your Merchant Center account and product listings that currently violate the aforementioned policies.
2. Request a re-evaluation of your Merchant Center by visiting
3. Make sure that, going forward, your Merchant Center account and product listings comply with our Google Shopping policies available at
If you believe there has been an error, we want to help. Find out how to contact us by visiting
The Google Shopping Team
Please do not reply directly to this message, as it was sent from a notification-only email address that does not accept incoming email. Instead, please use the contact link included above.

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Re: Your Merchant Center Account Has Been Suspended

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The first thing that I notice is that your contact information is an image. So nowhere on your site is your contact information available as text. Perhaps try changing this. As far as policy violations go the best thing I could suggest is to comb through the policies provided and ensure that you comply with each aspect of them. Perhaps a policy expert can help you further.

Good Luck

Re: Your Merchant Center Account Has Been Suspended

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Thanks I thought to put it as image to prevent web spiders( scrappers) gathering my data and then sell it for spam.
I would make the modifications as suggested, do you think there could be other reasons as well?

Re: Your Merchant Center Account Has Been Suspended

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Hi Елена Д


Only Google can discuss the reasoning behind suspension, so you do really need to hear from them, however, you can do some steps while you wait.
Read the policy documentation, from an outsiders viewpoint.
Look over everything with fresh eyes and be 100% on all of the policy guidelines and with the same certainty you are abiding by all of those stated.
Once you have done this, check your feed outcome status and data quality tabs. If there are any problems highlighted, however small, correct them, so when Google do come to review your account, no issue are left to be addressed.

Ask for more details (reply to the email you should have received) and state you are willing and very eager to sort the issue out. Be professional, although you may be angry, you must work with Google not fight with them.

If it proves to be a transparency issue, this can relate to a few areas and usually refer to your website rather than your feed.


Basic checks for you to carry out.


Are you displaying valid contact details? 

Business address?
Email address?
Telephone number

**A Contact Form is not enough**

Are you offering customers protection?

Refund Policy?
Privacy Policy?
Secured Checkout & Secured Pages when personal data is collected?

Are you displaying Security Certificates, Payment Accepted Methods?

If you answer yes to all of these. Then you can place them to one side, however, do not rule them out. Although you may answer yes, this does not mean Google is satisfied.

Look to your items

Do you offer sales of a minimum quantity or as part of a bundle, however, list the item as a sole product?
Are your products on Mature/Adult, non family safe nature, however, excluding the correct attribute within your site settings?
Does your products offer a miracle cure? Unrealistic expectations or claims of a product is not allowed.

Your website as a whole

Sometimes, websites give the impression that the company are simply the middle man.
Dropshipping stores are not allowed and therefore, if you are claiming you have an item to ship to a potential customer, however, you are relying on a secondary source to fulfill the order, this does not offer the customer security from you. If your stock count seems simply too high to be achievable or the fluctuation of item type seems rather sporadic, this may lead Google to believe you do not hold these items in your store and therefore dropship.

This list is not exclusive and the only real way to find out why your account has been disapproved would be to speak with a representative at Google, or alternatively have someone do this on your behalf, if you feel you have someone with more knowledge etc.

Work with Google, offer up inventory counts, receipts, suppliers details, accounts if necessary to ease any worry they have.

If you have nothing to hide, then with some communication the issue should be resolved.

However, please do not try to plead your innocence in a case you know not to be true.  

Instead, work with Google and remove the infringing items, apply a secure checkout, display correct information, do what is necessary and build a good honest relationship with Google and your customers.

Tom Wilson
Freelance Adwords & Google Shopping Consultant

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Re: Your Merchant Center Account Has Been Suspended

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Well Google and adwords have shown again they have no idea what they are doing anymore.

I got this message from them about a week ago.

Your Merchant Center Account is in violation of blah blah blah. you have 7 days to fix

I looked at my merchant account. and my feeds are up to date. I sell hotel rooms and use them in re marketing, well did. so I decided to test google and deleted all the feed items, so in a sense the merchant account is now empty. Well I got an email today saying.

Your Merchant Center Account Has Been Suspended.  Due to:

is in violation of the following policies:

So what this says to me is that they did not even look.  The account is empty. How can you be in violation of your policy when there are no products in it.  This is the same thing they did with my adwords account.

They said oh we suspect suspicious behavior- suspended. But failed to reveal what that behavior is or was or the ability to talk with anyone.  so thousands of dollars later and hundreds of hours of work learning the platform. Nothing but an auto email from google adwords. Pathetic if you ask me 

 If you want to have a discussion about this lets have it.  My (our) site is 100% valid and real. I am partners with the largest OTA's on the planet, in fact these are googles largest ad customers.  All my ads lead to valid landing pages.  I never asked for emails or any other spam methods to see the products, ie hotels, rental cars, flights.  So google you want to talk about it or you just going to hide behind auto responders.  

Yeap not happy customer or x customer.  I bet they do not reply  any takers here?


Re: Your Merchant Center Account Has Been Suspended

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I just got hit by the same thing. Specifically:


...The policy requires that the above information should be easily accessible to the user and should include at least the following: business phone number, email address, and physical address...Please note that only having a Contact Us form is not sufficient contact information under our policy...

It's a home-based business. I do not wish to post my home address on the internet. And there is NO WAY I am going to post my email address so I can be the unhappy recipient of tons of spam. Everyone uses a contact form. This should not be a problem. I have been doing business on my web site for 20 years and have been on Google Shopping since it was called "Froogle". I don't know what to do now. Looks like Google is bent on killing small business. So much for "don't be evil".

Re: Your Merchant Center Account Has Been Suspended

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If you look at it from a consumers perspective a eCommerce site that does not publicly identify itself is regarded untrustworthy. It's as simple as that.

Here are your solutions:
Have your business registered at a office instead of your home.
Use a good spam filter

As much as some rules are steep, if you want to sell on Google Shopping you will need to follow the rules. Or alternatively find a different marketplace.
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Re: Your Merchant Center Account Has Been Suspended

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Enron had an address. Were they trustworthy? A "business address" is far from a guarantee. I would argue that artists working out of their home, like the folks on Etsy who don't post their home address, are far more trustworthy than any faceless corporation. I DO have an address. It's a WEB address. That's all I need to sell $5000 in toys per year. It's a small niche - I sell only eyeball toys. I have been in business for 20 years and paying Google for advertising for about 10 years. Suddenly I am not trustworthy because I have a home-based business? That is a crock.

In regards to your "solutions":

My sales are less than $5000 per year. With what money am I to rent an office? And why should I rent an office I don't need? And why would I have an address where I don't go? Any mail sent there wouldn't reach me.

I have a spam filter. I still received 3 spams and a virus via email this morning. If that turns into 30 a day I would have to change my email like I have had to do twice before. Spam filters are far from perfect and the better they are, the more legitimate email you miss. Like the two emails I sent to my accountant that he didn't receive because they contained financial data and got marked as spam. My online form is GUARANTEED to reach me and it also TRACKS THE CONVERSATION as a permanent record with the customer, rather than getting lost in email. They can contact me on Facebook as well. Email is less reliable and less secure than the web form or facebook. It is therefore LESS SAFE. So much for user safety. In any case they can reply to the order confirmation email if they placed an order. Customers automatically get my email address - no need to post my email address for spammers.

The REAL problem is Google does not want to work with small businesses. They have made the decision to no longer allow home-based businesses to advertise with them. Yet they won't admit to that because it's a violation of their "don't be evil" mantra. Instead they blame the (former) customer for not having things a home-based business wouldn't have. It's a crock.

Re: Your Merchant Center Account Has Been Suspended

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I think what would be really helpful for businesses working with Google, is that Google automate a way of identify the policy violations, rather than letting individuals double guess and work through every possibility. For instance, what constitutes 'false advertising' ? If that's the issue, how are we to know? Some of the categories are partly subjective, so there's no possible 'check-list' approach. Surely it would be easy to simply provide a check list to users, where they could see which policies were still in violation at a glance, and get to work on them? WAY more efficient for business practices.

Re: Your Merchant Center Account Has Been Suspended

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