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YouTube Shopping Ads (Not True View shopping ads)

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Hi -


I am trying to setup a shopping campaign to show on related content on Youtube. This is referred to as "Youtube-shopping-ads" in this post.


From my understanding, I just need to choose "Search partners" in my existing shopping ads, which I noticed was chosen anyway by default. However, I think my shopping ads are not getting any impressions on youtube - (a) I checked under "Adgroup->segments->Network (with search partners)" and there are close to zero impressions (b) I checked manually on different videos on youtube and I see ads from my competitors but not ours.


Here are the settings for the campaign - 


1. I have a shopping campaign setup with the following settings - "Maximise Clicks", "Search partners". The campaign has been running for quite some time now and gets about 50-60 clicks and 3000 impressions every day.

2. The max limit for the bid strategy is 4x the average CPC, so I am assuming that bid limit is not the culprit here. In addition, I had run the campaign with enhanced CPC again without much luck.


Looking forward to any pointers to resolve this issue

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Re: You Tube Shopping Ads (Not True View shopping ads)

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Hey Alphonse,

Please check the following:
#1 Is your Google Merchant Account setup properly? Are you in one of the designated countries that allows Google Merchant? Is your feed properly setup?
#2 Did you follow the following instructions from the link below? :
#3 Note that Google does not want to show PLA ads all the time and has mentioned in the past that it will spread them out.
Joshua, Top Contributor
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Re: You Tube Shopping Ads (Not True View shopping ads)

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Hi Joshua,

Thank you for the reply.

1. The account is setup properly and we get impressions for regular shopping campaigns. I see my competitor's ads from India showing up so I am assuming this feature is available in India. Also the Adwords support staff did not say anything about country based restriction.

2. The link that you suggested is for "Trueview for shopping". What I need is Youtube for shopping (refer to this post:

I was told by Adwords support that for youtube shopping ads, I do not need to anything more apart from enabling "search partners" under settings for my existing shopping campaign. It was already enabled since the beginning, so did not do anything more.

3. How do I know that I am getting even a single impression on "You Tube Shopping Ads". I am worried about not showing up at all than showing up occasionally.


Re: You Tube Shopping Ads (Not True View shopping ads)

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