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XML Feed

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Some of the products in the XML feed are disapproved and are not running. So i have made the necessary changes in the feed and have uploaded the new feed.


Now I have 2 feeds running in the google merchant center. Shall i remove the old feed or shall I wait for the new to get approved?




Re: XML Feed

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Ideally you just upload your file in your original feed and it will override the old file. I would still suggest you to delete the new feed and upload your file in the old feed itself.
Regards, Nik
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Re: XML Feed

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Hi Niks,

As I had only url and not the file to upload I kept the new feed live there only and didn't delete it, what I saw was the older feed got override from there also and I can see the changes Title and custom variable at adwords interface.

Thanks for your help!

Saurav Bisht