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Why wont google accept my shipping info from BigCommerce feed?

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I am using BigCommerce to sell and google will not accept my shipping information that bigcommerce includes in the data feed. We have fixed prices no matter where we send to in Australia. We don't need anything calculated by google by using weight or postcodes etc. I know by looking in the excel file it has this as the column heading - /entry/g:shipping/gSmiley Tonguerice and for one example product it has 17.9500 AUD as the value - so what part of that is google merchant having a problem with? We chose Bigcommerce because it showed our customers the exact price it would cost to ship every item based on what I told it (not by weight/size calculations), hence the fixed shipping price. What I don't want to do now is have to figure out a way for google to calculate the same price. I just want it to read the price as is.


What am I doing wrong?


Thank you.




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Re: Why wont google accept my shipping info from BigCommerce feed?

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there are no such attributes (column-headings) as:


for a tab-delimited feed-file, a valid attribute-name, column-heading, is:


for a google-xml feed-file, valid attribute, sub-attribute, element-tags, are:


as to shipping_weight, a valid and accurate shipping_weight value
may be submitted regardless of being used; if a carrier-calculated

or shipping-weight table is not configured in the merchant-center
then, the shipping_weight value will simply be ignored by google

for any shipping calculations -- but will still be processed, so the

value must still be valid and accurate, if submitted.


alternatively, a fixed shipping value may be configured in the account

and then shipping (price) must be removed from the submitted data --

any shipping information submitted per-item will override any and all

shipping set in the account, for that item.

always verify the final, processed, shipping information,
by clicking on the item's title under the products-tab,
within the merchant-center-account.


size attribute requirements depend on product variants -- not shipping.

any attribute or value submitted, must be either (a) valid
and accurate for the item-offer per google's specifications
or (b) removed from the submitted-data.


depending on the details, a feed-rule may also be used

to help submit valid and accurate attributes and values.

the best likely course would be to contact big-commerce support directly:

see also