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Why structured-data/testing-tool Google will change the price data on my page

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     I am ready to open commodity automatic update settings, but I in the test page data found very strange phenomenon, Google test tool to run test for page should changed my page price data, the price. Number modification for, and then prompts the my price specification does not meet the requirements.
My price is 3.00 EUR, but after testing has warned me 3,00 ("3,00" attribute is not an effective price standard. Please see the attached picture, but it is true that my price is 3 EUR, not  3,00 EUR。
Please help to tell me where there is a mistake, how to deal with it?
Thanks very much
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Re: Why structured-data/testing-tool Google will change the price data on my page

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It is true that my price is 3.00 EUR, not 3,00 EUR

Re: Why structured-data/testing-tool Google will change the price data on my page

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price must be a number with an ascii . for the decimal-point

and potentially a valid iso 4217 three-letter currency code; e.g.
3.00 EUR

price cannot contain any other symbols.

see also

Re: Why structured-data/testing-tool Google will change the price data on my page

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I intercepted the source of the page on the price of the section, the test is carried out separately, the use of URL testing is a prompt error, quite strange, so I do not know the processing, testing of URL:
About the price segment code:

<div class="clearfix">
<div class="pinfo_wrapper" itemscope="itemscope" itemtype="">
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<p class="short_tit">
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<div class="review_sku clearfix">
<div class="review_rate" itemprop="aggregateRating" itemscope="itemscope" itemtype="">
<b class="starts"><span style="width: 0%;" itemprop="ratingValue">0</span></b>
(<a href="#reviews" class="tu"> <span itemprop="reviewCount">0</span>
<meta itemprop="worstRating" content="0" />
<meta itemprop="bestRating" content="10000" />
<div class="fl pad_l10">
<span class="product_sku">
SKU: <span id="sku">419535</span>
<input id="productStatus" type="hidden" value="Normal" />
</span><span class="product_date_added">(Añadido el <span id="adddate">-</span>)</span>
<div class="product_info" itemprop="offers" itemscope="itemscope" itemtype="">
<ul class="product_detail clearfix">
<li class="clearfix pad_t10 ">
<label class="label label_price fl">Lista de precios:</label>
<div class="pc product_detail_p price_green">
<del class="fl" id="list-price">€3.11</del>
<li class="clearfix pad_b10 pad_t10">
<label class="label pad_t8 fl">Precio:</label>
<div class="pc product_detail_p fl">
<div id="price-selector" class="cybox dropdown">
<a id="currencySymbol" class="cy hover"><span class="cur_cy">€</span></a>
<div class="currency panel hidden">
<li data-currency-code="USD"><span class="cur_cy currency_icon USD">USD</span></li>
<li data-currency-code="GBP"><span class="cur_cy currency_icon GBP">GBP</span></li>
<li data-currency-code="CAD"><span class="cur_cy currency_icon CAD">CAD</span></li>
<li data-currency-code="BRL"><span class="cur_cy currency_icon BRL">BRL</span></li>
<li data-currency-code="RUB"><span class="cur_cy currency_icon RUB">RUB</span></li>
<li data-currency-code="AUD"><span class="cur_cy currency_icon AUD">AUD</span></li>
<li data-currency-code="CZK"><span class="cur_cy currency_icon CZK">CZK</span></li>
<li data-currency-code="CLP"><span class="cur_cy currency_icon CLP">CLP</span></li>
<li data-currency-code="JPY"><span class="cur_cy currency_icon JPY">JPY</span></li>
<li data-currency-code="ILS"><span class="cur_cy currency_icon ILS">ILS</span></li>
<li data-currency-code="ARS"><span class="cur_cy currency_icon ARS">ARS</span></li>
<li data-currency-code="UAH"><span class="cur_cy currency_icon UAH">UAH</span></li>
<li data-currency-code="TRY"><span class="cur_cy currency_icon TRY">TRY</span></li>
<li data-currency-code="CHF"><span class="cur_cy currency_icon CHF">CHF</span></li>
<li data-currency-code="ZAR"><span class="cur_cy currency_icon ZAR">ZAR</span></li>
<li data-currency-code="DKK"><span class="cur_cy currency_icon DKK">DKK</span></li>
<li data-currency-code="NOK"><span class="cur_cy currency_icon NOK">NOK</span></li>
<li data-currency-code="SEK"><span class="cur_cy currency_icon SEK">SEK</span></li>
<li data-currency-code="INR"><span class="cur_cy currency_icon INR">INR</span></li>
<li data-currency-code="SGD"><span class="cur_cy currency_icon SGD">SGD</span></li>
<li data-currency-code="MXN"><span class="cur_cy currency_icon MXN">MXN</span></li>
<li data-currency-code="KRW"><span class="cur_cy currency_icon KRW">KRW</span></li>
<li data-currency-code="PLN"><span class="cur_cy currency_icon PLN">PLN</span></li>
<span id="price" class="fl" itemprop="price">3.00</span>
<meta itemprop="priceCurrency" content="EUR" />
<meta itemprop="availability" content=""/>
<!-- not is mvp staff picks -->
<div class="deals_request fr" style="display:none;">
<a href="javascript&colon;void(0)" targetsku="419535" data-url="/es/SpecialArea/DealsRequest" class="norequest">Solicitudes de ofertas</a>
<span id="freeshipping-help" class="icon_r" ></span>
<li class="clearfix line pad_b10 ">

<div class="shipping fl ">
<label class="label fl pad_t15">Env&#237;o:</label><!-- 当只有运输方式时 pad_t19改为pad_t15 -->
<p class="shipping_box fl">
<!--is mvp 则显示mvp标签-->
<span class="f_s pad_t10">
<span class="f_shipping">Envío gratuito</span> <b>A
<br />CHINA</b>

<li class="clearfix pad_b10"><span class="label fl">Despachado:</span>
<span>Se enviar&#225; en los siguientes 7-10 d&#237;as laborables</span>
<li class="line pad_b7" id="attrList">
<div class="clearfix f_c pad_t10">
<span class="label pad_t8 fl">COMPARTIMIENTO del color:</span>
<p class="fl select product_detail_p">
<a href="javascript&colon;;" data-attrdef="2097" data-attrops="2097_11">Blanco</a>
<a class="selected" href="javascript&colon;;" data-attrdef="2097" data-attrops="2097_3">Blanco c&#225;lido</a>
<div class="clearfix f_c pad_t10">
<span class="label pad_t8 fl">Forma Color:</span>
<p class="fl select product_detail_p">
<a href="javascript&colon;;" data-attrdef="504" data-attrops="504_57">Amarillo blanco + luz</a>
<a class="selected" href="javascript&colon;;" data-attrdef="504" data-attrops="504_30">Naranja + blanco y multicolor</a>

<div class="hidden">
<div id="tipbox">
<div class="cart_tips">
<p class="tooltips-title">Si piensas que el precio es demasiado alto, por favor clica en aplicar para bajar el precio</p>
<i class="right bottom bg"></i>
<i class="right bottom fd"></i>

Re: Why structured-data/testing-tool Google will change the price data on my page

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On the price segment code for the test is passed

Google Test Error1.png